Copywriting for Alternative Lenders:

5 Top Tier Strategies

Businesses need to stand out from the competition and attract brand new clients in the highly competitive alternative financing industry by using compelling copywriting.

But how can one develop a lasting message that resonates with people? Whether you’ve written copy before or not, we’ll show you how to use alternative lender copywriting to market your services using your own appealing language.

Count down the 5 tactics that’ll elevate the messaging for alternative lending firms.

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What is Alternative Lender Copywriting?

Alternative lending copywriting is the art of crafting engaging and instructive content that captivates readers and converts them into satisfied customers. After reading a compelling message about the unique value proposition of your company or financial products, your target audience will be inspired to invest in your services.

To put it simply, a financial copywriting service is a means of engaging your target audience directly and persuading them to take action on behalf of your alternative lending company.

Types of Copywriting

Alternative lending businesses are no different from other industries in that they require a certain kind of copywriting. Your alternative money lending material needs to be adaptable to several platforms, each serving a distinct role in the message of your company.

Alternative lending copywriting
Alternative Lender Copywriters
  • Advertisement Copy: If you’re using paid advertising channels, such as Google Ads or social media advertisements, you need to have compelling content in your ads to entice viewers, make it obvious what your company does, and motivate them to click through to find out more or take action.
  • Email Copy: Over time, email marketing campaigns may foster trust and connections with both current and prospective customers. Email copy can include a wide range of subjects, such as helpful details, perspectives, and lending-related resources.
  • Social Media Platforms’ Copy: To attract and keep the interest of your target audience on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you must publish content of the highest quality.
  • SEO Blogging: Using optimization, SEO blogging is an excellent method to make sure that your messaging is getting to the people who matter most to you. SEO-optimized blog posts provide natural traffic to your website and establish your brand as an authority.

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Why Is Alternative Lenders' Copywriting Important?

Effective copywriting for alternative lenders fosters and builds confidence with potential clients, highlights the benefits of your offerings, and finally boosts revenue. It helps distinguish your company from the competition in your niche financial space and encourages the growth of relationships with your audience.

5 Strategies to Improve Your Copywriting for Alternative Lending

As the financial industry is quite competitive, it is important that you properly utilize a good copywriter and these highly-rated business strategies.

1. Engage Your Target Audience Directly

Direct communication with your target audience fosters a sense of understanding build trust and connection with your business. Potential clients are far more likely to interact with your brand and use your lending services when they have this trust.

It’s critical that you invest the time and resources required to determine who your target audience is. Determine the problems or goals of your intended audience, the obstacles that could come in the way, and the kinds of answers they are seeking. Then, in your sales pitch and financial copy, specifically address their wants and needs.

2. Show What Makes Your Lenders Special

Because you have a thorough grasp of your financial expertise and financial services industry jargon, it’s easy to become hooked on the details of your services rather than their benefits in a subject as complex as accounting services.

In truth, the benefits your accounting service will offer—like financial knowledge, tax assistance, or peace of mind—will entice your target market. If you emphasize the benefits that relate to the aims and objectives of your audience, your content will be stronger.


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3. Make Your Copy Clear

Your target audience should be able to effortlessly understand and comprehend your copy.

Your audience will leave in search of a simpler answer elsewhere if your landing page or website is overly complicated or crowded.

Avoid using technical terms and financial jargon while writing lender material and instead focus on being clear and concise. Remember that even if you are a professional alternative lender, some of the terminology you choose to use your audience may not be well acquainted with.

When creating copy, always ask yourself if it will be easy for your audience to understand what you’re saying.


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4. Use Eye-Catching Headlines

Gathering the most important points from any copy allows for an engaging and attention-grabbing headline. On average, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. Your audience’s decision to interact with your brand is often determined by how compelling your headline is.

5. Utilize SEO Keywording

Although your target market needs your financial services expertise and knowledge, they won’t be able to invest money in you if they can’t find you. Optimizing your content for search engines can help you gain more online exposure and prospective customers for your lending services. Additionally, this will improve your web visibility and attract quality leads. Since less than 1% of users browse past the first page to the second page of Google results, it’s critical to consistently raise your ranks.

To get the most out of your alternative lending material’s SEO, you need to carefully choose and incorporate relevant keywords and phrases into your writing. SEO-optimized content not only boosts website traffic but also enhances user experience by providing relevant and useful information based on searches conducted by your target audience.

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Frequently asked questions

A: Financial copywriters provide interesting and instructive material, especially for companies in the financial industry. They could work along with investment firms, credit unions, lending firms, wealth management organizations, and more. They work so that your material creates leads, promotes consumer loyalty, and fosters brand trust.

A: You need an alternative lender copywriter if your target audience is having difficulty understanding complex financial concepts, your conversion rates are slow, and/or your messaging strategy is inconsistent across platforms. Nevertheless, there is always room for growth in the financial industry. If the growth of your firm isn’t happening at the pace you’d want, working with a great copywriter could help you make the most of the scope and language of your current marketing materials.

A: The primary objective of financial copywriters, content marketing and writing is to educate your clients by offering relevant information and your successful track record. The act of a financial copywriter creating more marketing material for your business while omitting credit for the work is known as ghostwriting. On the contrary, financial copywriting is specifically created to persuade and convert readers to carry out a desired action, like setting up a consultation call with an alternative lender!

A: A strong understanding of financial concepts and terminology is essential for an alternative lending copywriter to communicate complex finance subjects to their audience. They should also be creative and educated on the behaviors of buyers in financial markets in order to communicate in a way that appeals to clients. You need a copywriter who is not just an expert writer but also able to develop a convincing plan, as financial copywriting is both an art and a science.

A: Well-crafted financial content may strengthen relationships with both current consumers and potential customers by boosting the reliability and trustworthiness of your business. By creating content and using SEO optimization, hiring a top financial copywriter might help your website receive more natural traffic and visibility. Find out what successes SJ Digital Solutions has achieved on behalf of its customers previous work.

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