Copywriting for Real Estate Brokers:

5 Reliable Strategies

To convince prospective tenants or purchasers that a certain home is the best option for them, it is your job as a real estate broker to successfully communicate the essence of the property and its unique selling qualities. For real estate brokers, compelling copywriting enables you to tell stories that evoke strong feelings, create realistic images of a potential buyer’ lives, and, eventually, close the deal.

However, as a real estate agent or broker, how can one produce effective copy? This post will provide you with five foolproof real estate copywriting strategies that can help your message stand out in a congested industry and generate more leads and sales.

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What Is Real Estate Copywriting?

The art and science of crafting interesting and convincing written material to engage readers is known as real estate copywriting. Good real estate copywriting draws in readers and persuades them to take action, such as arranging a meeting, putting in an offer, or signing a lease. Persuasive text on landing pages increases conversion rates by 16%.

Types of Copywriting for Real Estate Brokers

You will want several kinds of content as a real estate broker to market your real estate company. The real estate copy that you will probably want is broken out as follows:

Benefits of Copywriting for Real Estate Brokers
Copywriting Strategies for Real Estate Brokers
  • Website Copy: The content on your real estate website should be engaging and convey your brand’s personality, values, and distinctive approach. It should also offer details about your listings, services, and areas of expertise.
  • Landing Page/Sales Page Copy: Sales pages and landing pages draw in leads and motivate people to take action, like arranging a meeting or signing up for a subscription. These pages’ real estate text should be concise, compelling, and conversion-oriented.
  • Property Descriptions: Listings for real estate are crucial for highlighting each property’s special qualities, conveniences, and lifestyle advantages. You should write property descriptions that are interesting, in-depth, and catered to your intended market.
  • Social Media Posts: Social media allows you to interact with your audience and develop a closer relationship with your target market. Write material that is both amusing and educational while also expressing your individuality.
  • Real Estate Ads: Advertisements for real estate, whether they are placed online or off, require compelling language to draw viewers in and inspire action. Make sure your real estate advertisements include obvious calls to action.
  • Email Copy: Email is a very effective real estate marketing tool for promoting your property listings or services, keeping in touch with clients, and nurturing prospects. Email text that works well should be interesting, educational, and individualized.
  • SEO Blogging: Blogging for SEO increases natural traffic to your website and establishes your authority in the real estate sector. Write informative and well-written blog entries that include neighborhood guides, first-time homebuyer advice, and more.

If you’re unsure what types of real estate copy will be most beneficial for your business, you can work with a real estate copywriter to figure it out.

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The Amazing Benefits of Copywriting for Real Estate Brokers

Better Property Visibility

By using language strategically, you may increase brand awareness and draw more attention to your real estate listings. A compelling message from well-written content draws in prospective tenants and consumers and helps them picture themselves living in a fantastic place.

Additionally, blogging and SEO copywriting raise the visibility of your real estate website and property descriptions in Google search results, making them more accessible to prospective buyers.

Stronger Connection with Buyers and Sellers

Great real estate writing strengthens relationships with wording that speaks to the emotions of both buyers and sellers. It elicits an emotional reaction, which aids in the visualization of ideal homes for purchasers and the realization of property potential for sellers. According to research, 95% of purchase and sell decisions are motivated by emotions. Your real estate company closes more sales when your content communicates to buyers and sellers directly and gives them a sense of understanding!

High-Converting Personal Brand

It is difficult to overstate the significance of personal branding for real estate brokers. It’s what establishes your credibility with prospective homeowners. The story of your brand identity serves as the central theme, conveying your personality, beliefs, and area of expertise in an impactful way. Across all marketing mediums, having clear and consistent message helps you build your brand, set yourself apart from other real estate agents, and eventually increase sales.

5 Tips to Make Your Real Estate Copywriting Stand Out

With a wealth of expertise in creating content and copy for the real estate sector, we know how to use SEO and cutting-edge messaging to set your real estate company apart. In the past, we significantly increased app signups by assisting a real estate crowdfunding platform that went from being Google invisible to over 3,500 organic ranking phrases in less than three months.

1. Know Your Target Audience Like the Back of Your Hand

Knowing your target market inside and out will enable you to craft a message that specifically addresses their desires, problems, and preferences. You need to know what your clients want you to say and how they want you to say it to develop content that they will enjoy.

It’s critical to comprehend the demographics of your target audience, including age, economic bracket, lifestyle preferences, and stage of life. Understanding their psychographics, including motivations, goals, and values, is even more crucial to developing content that speaks directly to their needs and emotions and establishes trust.

When producing content, there are several approaches to investigating your target audience. When it comes to dealing with a real estate broker, you may poll your community about their wants and preferences, whether you have an email list or a social media following. Additionally, you may listen to discussions on social media sites and online forums to learn more about the issues and preferences of your target market.

For example, this Reddit thread can help you better understand what people are looking for in a real estate broker and why they want to hire one.

Using Reddit to write better copywriting for real estate broker.

Assume you are composing an imaginary real estate advertisement. Given that your intended audience is interested in the community surrounding their home, you may highlight the many services and events offered while selling homes in a particular neighborhood close to schools and other areas.

2. Tell a Memorable Story

Selling a home involves more than just highlighting its amenities and square footage. You are telling a potential clients or buyer a story about their future. Your property description will attract readers and leave them with a lasting emotional connection when it skillfully incorporates details about the house’s history, distinctive characteristics, and lifestyle.

Storytelling increases business conversions by thirty percent. A compelling property listings’ narrative helps prospective buyers picture themselves residing there and helps them remember your offering among the plethora of properties and other listings.


❌ This spacious three-bedroom home has a modern kitchen, hardwood floors, and a backyard for relaxing.

✅ Cook up a delicious family meal in a modern kitchen and enjoy it in a spacious backyard as your kids run around and play.

3. Use Real Estate Power Words

Your real estate headlines and text might be more successful and impactful if you use strong language. Strong language may arouse strong emotions in your target audience, such as enthusiasm, urgency, trust, or desire, which will cause them to pause, scroll down, and interact more with your website or real estate listing. According to research, you can boost conversion rates by 12.7% just by including a few impactful phrases in your text.

So, what are power words? Here’s a list of 700+ power words that engage and convert, but our favorite ones when it comes to copywriting for real estate brokers include:

  • Luxurious
  • Stunning
  • Exclusive
  • Breathtaking
  • Unique
  • Spectacular
  • Authentic
  • Unparalleled
  • Captivating
  • Elegant
  • Enchanting
  • Spacious
  • Community
  • Hidden
  • Prestigious
  • Secluded
  • Remarkable
  • Grand
  • Magnificent
  • Desirable

Power words have a lot of potential, but it’s crucial to use them sparingly. Power words lose their impact and meaning when you use them excessively. When it comes to utilizing strong phrases, use discretion.

4. Optimize for SEO

Your real estate website will rank higher in search results and draw in more visitors if it is optimized for search engines.

Search engine optimization is known as SEO. It’s the deliberate use of targeted keywords to produce excellent, educational material that provides your readers with the answers to the queries they’re looking for. When your website and blog posts rank well in Google search results, more prospective customers will learn about your real estate company. This is achieved through effective SEO.

Investigating local SEO is extremely crucial for both real estate companies and brokers. You’ll be able to take advantage of your local market and begin obtaining more pre-qualified leads as a result.

5. Create a Unique Brand Voice

By developing a distinctive brand voice, you may differentiate yourself from other real estate brokers, forge closer bonds with your audience, and win over potential clients. Establish a unique voice, look, and feel for your company to convey a more genuine message.

To assist you in developing unique and consistent messages for all marketing platforms, professional copywriters frequently develop brand messaging standards.

Copywriting for Real Estate Brokers Examples

Barbara Corcoran


Barbara Corcoran as an example of good real estate copywriting.

Barbara Corcoran is a real estate mogul and business expert who turned $1,000 into a billion-dollar real estate brand. The copywriting on her website is a prime example of good storytelling. It often references Barbara’s story and how she went from quitting her job as a diner waitress to building a real estate empire. It’s personal and inspiring, which speaks to many people!



Concreit as an example of copywriting for real estate agents.

Concreit is a software for real estate crowdfunding that reduces labor costs and helps users accumulate money through varied real estate. Concreit, a former client of SJ Digital Solutions, is a shining example of how SEO can increase the number of potential buyers and customers for your real estate business. Our team assisted Concreit in going from nearly 0 to 2,400 organic clicks monthly in less than three months. Their brand recognition and app signups skyrocketed as a result. Read the case study!

Additional Content Marketing Services We Offer For Real Estate Brokers

Our Framework for Real Estate Brokers Content Marketing


When you’re ready to have your financial brand grow through your content, we’re here to help you become more visible as an authority in your niche by creating your content backed by our three pillars below.

Our goals when implementing content marketing strategies for asset managers are to increase traffic, leads, and conversions for your organization. Allow us to operate in our areas of expertise by creating content that converts and optimizes your content with SEO. 

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We constantly keep a pulse on what’s going on data-wise in the asset management industry and keep you informed too.

We do this by regularly monitoring analytics through Google Analytics and Google Search Console, sending reports to our clients, taking action based on the data, and keeping content fresh and updated over time.

We’d never claim to be experts, but we are aware of the strict compliance standards within the financial industry. Moreover, refreshing content is crucial since numbers, regulations, etc., change in the financial services industry sometimes yearly.

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Frequently asked questions

A: Yes, hiring a real estate writer may help you boost your advertising and explain the worth of your services in a clearer and more concise manner. You may not possess the same copywriting skills or abilities necessary to create specific real estate text for advertisements or email marketing campaigns, even though you have in-depth understanding of the real estate industry and client demands. Additionally, it’s possible that you lack the technical SEO expertise necessary to produce content that is optimized for search engines like Google.

A: You need to blend inventiveness and gripping narrative with tried-and-true copywriting techniques and strategic thought to produce real estate marketing material that works. Since real estate copywriting is both an art and a science, it’s critical to take both the technical and artistic components of developing compelling messaging into account. You can produce content that resonates and motivates people to take action by researching your target demographic, creating engaging tales, utilizing real estate power words, and optimizing for search engines.

A: It could be time to collaborate with a real estate copywriter if you have trouble producing high-converting real estate listings or advertising campaigns. A real estate copywriter may assist in revitalizing your messaging to more effectively connect with your target audience if your online presence—including your website and social media channels—fails to generate leads or engage users. On the other hand, if the company is doing well but you feel like it has plateaued, a real estate copywriter may assist you in expanding and elevate your enterprise.

A: Although they all fall under the category of real estate marketing, ghostwriting, content writing, and real estate copywriting have distinct functions. Writing text for real estate purposes should encourage readers to take action, like calling you or making a purchase. For instance, you may get assistance from a real estate copywriter while writing your email marketing campaigns or website. Writers of real estate content concentrate on producing instructional marketing materials, including SEO blogs. When a content writer or real estate copywriter produces content for you without putting their name on it, it’s known as ghostwriting.


A: It’s critical to avoid keyword stuffing and purposefully employ relevant keywords while producing SEO-optimized content. Remember that, as a real estate broker, you are writing for people, not machines. Share your knowledge, concentrate on producing high-quality material, and make your work genuinely authentic and authoritative. While SEO and keyword research are crucial, utilizing them in an impropriety might potentially lower your ranks.

A: To produce content that works, your real estate copywriter needs to be technically proficient as well as imaginative. They must be exceptionally creative thinkers and proficient writers in addition to having a solid understanding all the points of SEO and being able to do market research. To provide accurate and worthwhile material for your target audience, your real estate copywriter should also be knowledgeable with industry best practices, market trends, and real estate terminology.

A: Working with a real estate copywriter will eventually provide outcomes based on your demands and objectives. A real estate copywriter can, in general, increase your conversion rates, which will enable you to produce more leads and close more sales. You may start promoting your real estate company more regularly and raise brand awareness by working with a real estate copywriter.

A: It’s important to write language for a property listing that goes beyond details like a home’s square footage and number of bedrooms. While the essential details are crucial, your property description should also provide potential buyers with a clear sense of what it’s like to live there so they can envisage their ideal lifestyle. Writing real estate ads helps you establish a more powerful emotional bond with potential buyers.

A: Start with a catchy title that draws readers in and emphasizes the property’s main selling feature. Next, provide a succinct but thorough description of the home that includes important details like the square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and standout features like a backyard or pool. Make use of narrative-driven, descriptive language and highlight desirable area attributes. Consider hiring a real estate copywriter if you have trouble creating compelling real estate listings.

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