How to Increase Leads and Revenue through

Email Marketing for Real Estate

Email marketing isn’t new, but millions of real estate professionals haven’t taken full advantage of it and its benefits!

Email marketing for real estate is the number one way to get the attention of your target audience by providing them with the information you know they want to hear. 

What happens if you don’t use email marketing for real estate and its benefits?

The outcome isn’t what you’d hope. You’ll lose a part of your target audience to real estate firms that use real estate email marketing services.


Because your audience wants to hear from you, they want to know you are a leader in the industry and that they can TRUST you. 

What better way to prove that than to provide value-added services that cost them nothing but could win new clients equaling thousands of dollars?

Don’t confuse email marketing for real estate with social media marketing; it’s not the same thing.

First, it’s not as targeted. Of course, anyone can click ‘like or follow’ on your social media pages, but they can just as easily ignore your posts, or worse yet, the algorithms may not push your posts to them.

Let’s just say there’s much more value in 1,000 email subscribers versus 1,000 Instagram followers. You have a much more captive audience, and email open rates are MUCH higher than social media reach.

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What Is Email Marketing for Real Estate?

Email marketing for real estate develops and maintains a relationship with your audience. It puts you in front of them (digitally), showing that you care and want them to succeed.

Real estate email services allow you to be the leader in the industry as you provide education and conversation and sometimes use sales tactics to convert readers into clients. When you use the right real estate investors email marketing services, you’ll send emails at just the right time, using strategies that increase customer loyalty, engage more customers, and, most importantly, convert them. 

content marketing for real estate

DFY email marketing services for real estate provides targeted emails showing your audience your expertise in the industry. Because you are providing it without expecting fees or even becoming a client, it automatically puts you at the forefront of their minds. 

The right email services for real estate will ensure your audience always feels engaged, empowered, and able to ask questions and receive answers promptly. 

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What are the most common
types of Emails?

You can get in front of your target audience when using email marketing for real estate services. Understanding the types of emails you can send ensures you make the most of your marketing efforts.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the most important! This is the first impression your subscribers have of your company. Not sending a welcome email is a cardinal sin of email marketing for real estate.

In your welcome email, you can confirm the subscriber’s choice to join your mailing list and even entice them to become clients and not just email subscribers by offering a ‘new subscriber discount.’

You can send welcome emails as a single email or a series if you want to keep them engaged. Use this as a chance to create a feeling of trust between you and your new subscribers. 

Remember, there’s only one chance to make a first impression.


Newsletter Emails 

Newsletters are the crux of your strategies for email marketing for real estate. 

Newsletters offer many opportunities, including the following:

  • Make yourself look like a leader in the industry by providing strategies and tips readers can use as they navigate the real estate industry
  • Share breaking news, whether about your company or the industry itself
  • Continually promote the value of your company and brand
  • Create more attention for your latest posts, whether blog or social media posts
  • Provide opportunities to take advantage of limited-time deals to convert more clients

Lead Nurturing Emails 

Nurturing leads helps leads go through the sales funnel. However, they aren’t pushy emails that force a sale. For example, not every lead nurturing email will have a call to action.

Real estate email services uses a slow, deliberate process to gently guide leads through the sales funnel until they convert to clients. The key in real estate investors’ email marketing services is to provide value-added information in each email you send so that the transition to becoming a client is entirely natural.

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are just what they sound like; you get the chance to promote something. So whether you’re offering a new service, targeting another niche, or have an exclusive offer for email subscribers, promotional emails help you do just that.

The key is appropriately timing your promotional emails so they don’t seem like spam and are well received by your audience. DFY email marketing services for real estate knows precisely when to send these emails to maximize your conversion rates.

Retention Emails

Retention emails are a benefit of email marketing for real estate to increase customer loyalty. But, believe it or not, real estate email marketing services aren’t just about bringing in new leads.

While new leads are great, you also don’t want to lose your current customer base.

From 18, the average person moves 9.1 times in their life! So depending on the age demographic you target, there is a lot of potential for repeat business, making your email marketing for real estate retention email services essential.

Thank your clients for trusting you with their real estate needs, send them surveys to learn what they thought about your service, and keep in touch to retain your clients.

Announcement Emails

An announcement email can announce whatever you want. As you work with your real estate email marketing services, decide what you want out of your announcement emails to have the right call to action created.

For example, do you want to highlight a particular property you’ve listed? Maybe a new hot neighborhood is being built, and you want to create excitement for it.

You could also use announcement emails to announce new staff members that could benefit your audience, new services you offer, or even a new blog post that needs more traffic.

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Turn leads into customers and get started today. We’ve partnered with real estate brands around the globe with email  marketing campaigns. Get results with the pros in your niche – we’re not a generic agency that works with everyone.

Advantages of Email Marketing for Real Estate

Here are the top advantages of email marketing for real estate.

NurtureS Buyer and Seller Leads

Email marketing for real estate allows you to nurture your audience by segmenting them into groups. For example, you’ll use different tactics with buyers vs. sellers; email marketing will enable you to differentiate between the groups.

When you provide content the readers can relate to, whether they are buyers or sellers, you increase your chance of conversions.

Higher Conversion Rates and ROI

Emails feel more intimate for readers than social media. Sure, you can share your expertise on Facebook or Instagram, but you’re appealing to the masses. Most people reading it don’t think, ‘oh, this applies to me.’

Email, though, feels more personal. With the right real estate email services, your readers will feel like you are writing directly to them. This increases your conversion rate and return on investment. 

As a bonus, it decreases the time you have to spend nurturing your leads, as DFY email marketing services for real estate require little effort on your part.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

Your goal with email marketing for real estate is to stay at the forefront of your audience’s mind. When you use real estate email marketing services, you do just that.

This puts you ahead of the competition, who might not be as good about emailing their clients.

Think about it, if you had the choice between two brands, one that emails often and provides value-added content and one that never emails and you forget about quite often, which would you choose?

The answer is simple. Don’t miss out on the value of real estate email services.


Increase Brand Recognition 

You need brand recognition if you work for a lesser-known real estate firm or are a new agent. You want the community to get to know you and recognize your face without any words necessary.

You’ve seen real estate agent faces plastered on benches, billboards, and for sale signs, but that’s not enough today.

You need to be in your client’s email inbox to increase brand recognition. You want them to see your name and think, ‘oh, I must read this. This person provides important content.’

It’s Cost Effective 

Email marketing for real estate is one of the least expensive marketing tactics, yet it’s one of the most effective.

What better way to get in the face and minds of your audience than by sending personalized emails they think are written just for them?

No other marketing technique allows you to be as personal and customized, giving your target audience exactly what they need to see and hear to become clients.

5 types of Email Campaigns
for Realtors to Send

When using email marketing for real estate services, understanding the best email campaigns provides the greatest ROI.

New Property Listings & Video Tours

What better way to increase traffic to your latest listings than to share them with your email subscribers? 

Real estate email services segment your audience into buyers and sellers and can divide them even further if necessary so you send the proper listings and video tours to the audience who can use them. 

Use this to create excitement about the listing and any open houses or other important information about the property.

Real Estate Industry Advice 

We all know the real estate market can be volatile. Email marketing for real estate lets you inform your subscribers of the industry’s current condition and what they should and shouldn’t do.

This is a great way to provide value and show yourself as a leader, giving your audience advice without expecting anything (directly) in return.

Testimonial Request Email

Don’t be afraid to use your email marketing for real estate to get testimonials from past clients. 

Remember, your goal is to make yourself look like an industry leader, and what better what to do it than to get testimonials from people who believe you are the best?

Neighborhood Expertise Email

Another great way to show yourself as an expert in the industry is to provide emails targeted on the neighborhood. 

Give the deets no one else provides. You’ll look like the ‘go-to’ professional in the industry, helping your readers have the inside information to make the best real estate decisions.

Local Real Estate Market Trends

Of course, sharing real estate market trends should be a part of your email marketing for real estate strategies. Let your readers know what’s happening and how they can handle it. Give them insight so they feel more informed and capable of making significant real estate decisions.

Quick Tips to Implement Real Estate Email Marketing

Use these top tips in your email marketing for real estate strategies.

Use powerful subject lines 

No one will open your email if you don’t use powerful subject lines. 

Remember, there’s only one chance to make a first impression. Your email likely won’t be opened if your subject line is dull, offensive, or doesn’t catch their eye.

Make your subject line something they can’t resist, so they open your email and see what you have to say. However, keep it short and sweet. Don’t make them think or take too long to comprehend what you’re trying to say. Short and sweet is the best.

Use Ready-Made Email Templates

Ready-made email templates are the bread and butter of real estate email services. So why waste time crafting new templates every time you have new content?

You’ll save time, and use templates that you know have results. This doesn’t mean the content within the email is generic or doesn’t apply to your company specifically. 

It does.

It’s just the outline that guides you to the proper placement of your content for the highest conversion rate.

Personalize your Emails 

No one likes generic emails. 48.63% of emails sent are spam, and guess what? People don’t like them.

Don’t make your emails seem like spam. Instead, personalize them. Make readers think your email marketing for real estate is personalized just for them. Give them that warm, fuzzy feeling, so they want to open your email and do whatever call to action you’ve requested. 

Segment your list 

Don’t waste your time or that of your readers by not segmenting your list. For example, you have buyers and sellers. They have different objectives, so sending a mass email to everyone about buying tips has no bearing on your sellers, right?

Instead, segment your list into categories that make sense, so your email marketing for real estate makes sense and delivers the results you desire.

Include Clear CTA’s

You’re using real estate email marketing services to have more clients, right? Without a clear call-to-action, though, your efforts might be wasted.

That’s why email marketing for real estate strategies must include clear CTAs. Tell your readers what they must do next to take advantage of your offer. It doesn’t always have to mean spending money. Just keep moving them through the sales funnel to get them closer to conversion.

Additional Marketing Services We Offer For Real estate

Our Framework for Email marketing for real estate


SJ Digital Solutions uses tried-and-true email marketing for real estate techniques to convert your readers into clients. We do all the legwork for you, including the necessary research to understand your business, its messaging, and its vision.

We NEVER use cookie-cutter procedures. Instead, our real estate email services are tailored to your company’s needs. We get to know you, your business, and the local industry, so your email strategy provides the desired results. 


SJ Digital Solutions doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Every email marketing for real estate strategy we create is exclusive to the client. This ensures higher conversion and clickthrough rates because we determine what works best for YOUR business.

We don’t copy competitors or even worry about what they’re doing. Instead, our DFY email marketing services for real estate are based on both founders’ expertise in the real estate and tech industry to provide profound results.


After learning your vision and creating an email marketing for real estate strategy, it’s time to execute the plan!

This is when we create exclusive content for your readers to help turn them into clients. 

We get your feedback regarding timing, content, and other important information to ensure your readers get the right information at the right time.

We handle everything with our DFY email marketing services for real estate. You don’t have to lift a finger or worry about hiring another staff member. We are the key to increasing your client base and profits!


Analyzing the results is the key to a great email marketing for real estate strategy. At SJ Digital Solutions, we are all about the numbers and determining if our efforts are working to your anticipated level.

We don’t waste your time or make you guess if the real estate email marketing services are working. Instead, we provide the hard facts and discuss them with you to continue improving your ROI and client base.

SJ Digital Solutions Skyrockets Companies in the Real Estate Industry

At SJ Digital Solutions, we believe you deserve to experience what it’s like to stop chasing leads, serve your clients or customers at the highest level, increase your time spent in your zone of genius, and watch as your conversions skyrocket

Let us help you make email marketing for real estate YOUR differentiating factor in the real estate field by helping you with real estate investors email services starting today.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients in the real estate industry when they want to kickstart their email marketing.

A: Yes! At SJ Digital Solutions, we proudly offer DFY email marketing services for real estate. Our founders use their expertise to take the burden off your shoulders. You are the real estate expert, and we are the email marketing experts that can help you build the pipeline of your dreams!

A: Yes, you can expect results from the SJ Digital Solutions email marketing for real estate services, but we can’t tell you what they will be or when. While we wish we had a crystal ball to tell you what to expect, what we can tell you is that we create a carefully curated email strategy for your business, and carefully analyze all results, pivoting as necessary to provide the desired results.

A: At SJ Digital Solutions, we prefer to monitor the clickthrough and conversion rates of email marketing for real estate because we feel it provides the most robust answers. This way, you know how many people read your emails, click on the links, and do what you ask.

A:  More than 50% of the world uses email! In 2023, it’s expected that 4.37 billion people will use email. You can’t name another method that could reach such a large number of people with minimal effort. Plus, email marketing for real estate helps you get personal with your audience, something that most marketing tactics don’t allow.