How to Increase Leads and Revenue through

Email Marketing for Financial Services

Financial services marketing has changed drastically in recent years. Before email marketing was around, financial professionals had to make cold calls, send mailers, and rely on word-of-mouth to market their services.

Imagine picking up the phone and randomly calling people to pitch your services! It sounds so archaic today.

Fortunately, the internet and email changed that, and marketing for financial services has slowly changed through the years. 

While word-of-mouth, mailers, and cold calls can still be effective, more digital opportunities are available to reach a larger audience with less effort, especially email marketing for financial services. 

Imagine reaching a larger audience with a fraction of the effort; that’s what DFY email marketing services for financial services does!

It allows you to put down the phone, reduce your stress, and watch your leads convert to clients faster than you thought possible.

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What is Email Marketing for
Financial Services?

Email marketing for financial services is vital to any digital marketing plan. It puts you in front of your target audience in a way most other marketing techniques can’t.

You can position yourself as an industry leader by sharing tidbits of educational and newsworthy information, alternating with sales information to convert more clients.

Email marketing can help you:

  • Build relationships
  • Bring more traffic to your blog and website
  • Run A/B tests on your subject lines and call to action
  • Reach your target audience at the perfect time
  • Have endless possibilities for self-promotion
DFY email marketing services for financial services
financial services email services

The types of email marketing available is endless. At SJ Digital Solutions, we tailor your email marketing for financial services based on your firm’s needs.

Typical email example types include:

  • Newsletters
  • Promotional emails
  • Invitations
  • Follow-ups
  • Welcome emails
  • Seasonal emails

You can even segment a part of your email list and send dedicated emails. For example, if you have a certain segment of clients trying to reach a similar goal, you can send only that part of your audience a dedicated email. 

The sky’s the limit with email marketing for financial services, and the potential is unlimited!

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What Do Our Email Marketing for Financial Services Include?

Email marketing strategies for financial services help you get more qualified leads, higher sales, and trust from your target audience. Regular emails to your subscribers show you as a leader in the industry and that you care about your clients.

You show your readers you don’t just care about sales and numbers. Instead, you offer value-added services that give them a taste of what you offer for free. Of course, if they want more, they must become clients, but that’s the point of email marketing for financial services.

Financial services email services include more than simply crafting emails. It includes:

1. Optimized subject lines to ensure readers open your emails

You want your subject lines to catch your reader’s attention and make them want to open the email. Most people receive mounds of emails daily, and only open those that speak to them. You get two seconds to catch their attention with the subject line. Don’t lose the opportunity.

2. Copy that converts readers to buyers

Your email copy shouldn’t only be to sell your audience, but ultimately that’s your goal. Finding the perfect balance between convincing and educating is important. When your readers feel important, they will more easily convert to clients.

3. Emails that educate and empower your audience

Sending your subscribers emails that help them learn and empower them are the key to converting more clients. It may not feel that way since they don’t have a sales pitch, but there’s much more power in providing education and showing that you’re a leader than there is in pushing sales.

4. Timely offers that match your demographic’s needs

We work with you to determine the offers you want to provide, and time them perfectly with your demographic’s needs. Not every email will be an offer, but those that are will be written and scheduled at optimal times.

5. Scheduled emails in your email service provider of choice

You don’t have to do any of the work. Our financial services email marketing is automatically set up with your email service provider for scheduled delivery.

Why is Email Marketing a Must
for the Financial Industry?

Email marketing for financial services is the key to growing your business. It helps you connect with clients in ways no other marketing method can.

Gives you a Direct Line to Communicate with Customers

When you can converse via email, you have a personal path to your clients. You aren’t sending out generic newsletters and hoping they hit the right people. Instead, you’re directly communicating with your target audience – those interested in what you offer.

Allows you to Welcome New Clients

Growing your target audience is hard work, and when you don’t have the chance to personally thank them for being a part of your list, your clients can feel like they are just a number.

With a personalized email list, you can take the time to welcome new clients and get them up to speed on what you offer to your email subscribers.

Educates and Keeps Customers Updated

Emails allow your audience to get to know you and what you offer. You can share your expertise and knowledge without expecting anything in return.

This allows you to provide value-added services that your clients wouldn’t see if they weren’t a part of your email list.

Wider Audience Reach

When you have an extensive email list, you can cover a lot of ground with one email. This is because you aren’t spending time calling or emailing individuals. Instead, you send a mass email that hits all the points your target audience wants.

Collect Feedback and Surveys

Financial services email marketing allows you to collect feedback and conduct surveys. It’s one of the most effective ways to get answers fast.

You can create a survey if you want to know what your target audience wants or what they think about a service you offer. You can then use the results to get constructive criticism that helps you build the business your clients want.

Automate your Sales Funnel

Rather than taking your sales funnel step by step and manually reaching each milestone, email marketing for financial services automates it for you. It naturally creates a relationship between you and your audience by educating them, enticing them, and leading them to convert into clients.


Email Marketing Best Practices
for Financial Services

You cannot whip up financial services email marketing in a few minutes and expect it to work. You must implement email marketing for financial services best practices for the best results, including the following:

Verify Email Addresses

You must decrease your bounce rate for your email marketing for financial services to be effective. 

Aim for a bounce rate of 2% or less. It sounds complicated, but you can minimize sending emails to bad addresses. 

Start by doing an email syntax check. Look for email addresses that don’t make sense, like [email protected] or [email protected]. A valid email address has a name, @ symbol, and a domain name, such as ‘’ 

Get rid of any email addresses that don’t follow this format.

Segment your Email List

Segmenting your email list puts your target audience in ‘sections.’ So, for example, if you have an audience of millennials and Baby Boomers, you likely won’t market to them the same because their financial needs are vastly different. 

A key component of financial services email services is providing the content your audience needs. Sending irrelevant content to your audience is a waste of time and money. Instead, use the information provided by your audience when they signed up for your email list to determine the demographics and needs of each subscriber.

Optimize for Mobile

A mobile responsive design could mean the difference between converting customers and not. Since 41.6% of email opens are on a mobile device, you could lose almost half your audience if your emails don’t have a mobile responsive design.

Your email marketing for financial services should look identical on desktop and mobile devices.

Personalize your Emails

Financial services email marketing can be ineffective if you don’t get personal with your audience. Making it evident that this is a mass email you’re sending makes your readers feel unimportant, and what happens when you feel insignificant?

You go somewhere else, right?

Don’t lose your audience because they feel like a number. Instead, use names, locations, and past behaviors to let them know this email is meant only for them (even though BTS, you know the truth).

Use Compelling Subject Lines

One of the most significant mistakes in financial services email marketing is using clickbait subject lines. While they might be attention-getting, they are terrible for your reputation and will have your subscribers hitting unsubscribe faster than you can say the word.

Instead, use simple, straightforward, and compelling subject lines that make readers want to learn more or become your client.

Include Clear Call to Actions

The call to action is the point of your email, at least on your part. If you end an email with a generic ‘goodbye,’ it leaves your readers wondering what’s next.

If your wishes are unclear, they won’t move forward with you because they don’t understand the point of the email. So instead, give a compelling call to action that gives readers something to do after reading your email that will hopefully convert them into clients.

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Still Curious?

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients in the finance industry when they want to kickstart their email marketing.

A: Yes! SJ Digital Solutions helps you convert leads into clients with our DFY email marketing services for financial services. Our founders have extensive experience in the finance and tech industry, giving you the best of both worlds to create the best email marketing campaign possible.


A: No one can tell you how much you’ll make or what type of ROI you’ll have using email marketing for financial services. However, with consistent effort, you’ll build qualified leads, nurture relationships with your clients, and lead them to become conversions.


A: We don’t have a crystal ball to determine how quickly email marketing for financial services will work for you. However, we can tell you that at SJ Digital Solutions, we have experienced copywriters creating and sending your content using the most popular ESPs. We also monitor the analytics to see how your campaigns perform.

Meanwhile, SEO is more technical and involves a competitive ranking on Google so that you can improve traffic and revenue to your website.

Although different, SEO and content writing for financial services work best together– kinda like peanut butter and jelly.