How to Increase Leads and Revenue through

Content Marketing for Financial Services

Content marketing, also known as content writing or content creation, is a marketing strategy for financial services where you build articles, blogs, podcasts, downloads, and other topic or idea-based content that interests your ideal audience.

When you engage in financial content marketing, you’ll produce valuable content so that your business is seen as a helpful resource for those in need of financial services.

In digital marketing, content connects you with your ideal clients and cultivates the know, like, and trust factor.

This is especially true regarding financial services because people are already nervous about letting someone into their finances. They may feel embarrassed about their consumer debt. Or maybe they’re ashamed of their lack of financial finesse when achieving their financial goals.

From an SEO perspective, when someone engages with your content, they’ll often spend more time on your website. 

This alerts Google that your content is valuable and can increase your ranking.

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What Is Content Marketing for Financial Services?

Content marketing for financial services is essential to positioning yourself as an expert in the financial services industry.

Because when you generate consistent content, you generate constant traffic. You’ll see growth with well-crafted, quality content and a strategic SEO approach. This means more leads, clicks, conversions, and revenue.

You deserve to stop the hustle and start growing your finance brand. Content creation transforms this possibility into reality.

Through content marketing, you also save time and gain clout in the financial services industry when you suddenly move from page 10 to page 1 on Google.

financial content marketing
content marketing financial services

What Are Some Finance Content Marketing Strategies?

  • Create new content with a niched and realistic keyword strategy to increase your organic traffic and grab your spot in the rankings.
  • Update existing content for higher rankings in the SERPs.
  • For example: Blog articles, White Papers, Ebooks, Podcasts, Guest Posts, Webinars, Videos, and Infographics can all be created or updated.
  • Provide receipts, a.k.a. support data like client case studies and analytics, to demonstrate how your financial services perform in the industry.

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What Are the Benefits of Content Marketing for Finance Companies?

When you invest in content marketing for financial services, you get to experience several perks, such as increased brand awareness and loyalty, developing authentic relationships with clients, building credibility, and so much more.

Let’s dive deeper into these benefits, shall we?

1. Increases Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Educational and informational content for financial services increases brand awareness and loyalty by positioning you as an expert in your niche.

2. Reaches Clients or Customers in an Authentic Way

When somebody chooses to learn from you, they’re choosing to trust you.

Your content marketing meets the consumer right where they’re at in an honest, authentic way. You’re answering their questions and providing them with value.

You’re inspiring them to continue growing their financial freedom and to consider investing in financial services.

3. Targets Various Demographics

With finance content marketing, you can speak to specific niche sectors and target various demographics with your financial services.

Do you want to speak to Boomers facing retirement decisions? Then create content designed to help them navigate the next steps of this big transition and explain how financial services will help them.

Do you want to serve young people graduating from college because you can see the potential lifetime value of that customer group? Great! Share with this group how to invest now and reap the benefits later. Explain why they need financial services and how they can afford them.

4. Establishes Authority in Your Niche

Content builds credibility.

Your potential customers will view you as the expert when you write content that shares information and adds value to their lives.

It elevates your brand because you’re demonstrating your first-hand expertise and depth of knowledge in the marketplace. And you’re leaving your reader satisfied because you’ve answered all their questions.

5. Poses Your Offerings as a Solution

One of the best benefits of content marketing for financial services is that you can include your offerings as authoritative resources.

You get to demonstrate to the reader how your offers solve their problems and why they’ll love working with you.

You can even include client testimonials, success stories, and case studies to back this claim up.

6. Increase Leads and Generate Conversions Passively

When you write quality content, it’s almost as if sales are on autopilot. You could be watching TV with your family or out to eat with your partner and hear the cha-ching of another sale pop through on your phone.

Because your content convinces your clients that you’re the expert in the financial services field and that you have the solutions to their problems.

Increased leads and conversions are a natural consequence of great content.

7. Generate Pageviews Organically

You get to save marketing dollars and generate pageviews organically with content creation because you’re not relying on a fickle, unstable algorithm to push out your content to potential customers.

With financial content marketing, there’s no pay-per-click– just hundreds of additional organic leads to your business via your valuable content.


Below are some quick, practical tips for implementing content marketing in financial services.

Clarify Your Target Audience

The more niched you can be to clarify your financial services content to a specific audience, the better. 

For example, let’s say you’re a financial advisor. Who are you speaking to in your content?


Are you speaking to someone who has a family, is saving for college, and wants a retirement plan so that they can set sail, sit in the sand, and drink mai tais when the time comes?

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you’ll also be able to narrow down your branding.

Are you guiding someone who’s right out of college and who may need your help on how to invest their money wisely so they can expedite paying off their student loans?

Always Use SEO Strategies

SEO is not simple. There’s no sugar coating it. But it’s worth the effort because leads from SEO are 8 times more likely to become paying customers than leads generated through traditional ad campaigns.

By having a potent keyword research strategy surrounding your content plan, you’ll generate a wave of organic traffic that builds your authority in the financial sphere.

For example, our client who runs a financial blog increased their year-over-year growth by 275% by working with us on the SEO Playbook, Optimization Takeoff, Link Building Rocket, and Content Grind packages.

Use Engaging Language

Some people might find financial services content marketing to be boring. 

But do you know what’s not boring? Making money. Going on the trip of a lifetime to eat your way through Italy. Surprising your grandchildren with a car on their 16th birthday.

When you’re writing your content, use engaging language, elaborate explanations, and real-life examples to paint the picture of what financial success feels like so it becomes a reality to your reader. Then, share HOW you can help them get there.

Discuss Ideal Client's Pain Points

Much like your primary care physician would use a pain chart to identify what areas and levels of discomfort you’re in when you go for a visit, as a content creator in the financial industry, you’ll want to identify the areas of pain your prospect is struggling with.

What are they looking for a solution to? What sort of financial pain or struggles are they facing? How bad is it? How can you help them fix their financial situation?

Identify and communicate the problem clearly, then create a solution with your offerings.

For instance, if you’re a tax professional, perhaps you can talk about how time and time again, you come across clients who refuse to take proper tax deductions because they’re scared out of their minds that they’ll wake up one day to the IRS beating down their door.

After you share that problem, share how hiring a tax professional such as yourself can help alleviate their fears because you know the tax laws, thereby increasing their legal deductions without fear of the IRS.

Proactively Answer Common Questions

Google can be your best friend when it comes to FAQs because many times, questions are hesitations to seeking help in disguise. 

When you can be strategic and think of what people are searching for in Google related to your industry and how you can solve that problem or be an answer to their question, you’re building brand awareness, loyalty, and deepening the know, like, and trust factor.

Build Authority for Google's YMYL & EEAT Content Guidelines

Real content for real people has never been more critical.

If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. And YMYL stands for Your Money, Your Life.

With these guidelines, you can no longer trick Google into giving you a favorable ranking simply because you met the algorithm’s basic criteria. Instead, you must create genuine content that truly serves people, solves problems, and adds value.

In specific sectors, such as financial services, you must adhere to proper standards to avoid leading someone astray or making false promises.

Don’t let these content guidelines scare you. 

You have a great opportunity here because your heart is in the right place to share your expertise and services with people seeking answers from a financial professional such as yourself; you’ll easily be able to build authority with quality content.

Keep Industry Regulations in Mind

In addition to YMYL & EAT content guidelines, it’s equally important to remember that updates are frequent in the financial industry and can impact decisions on taxes, contributions, etc. 

As such, content needs to be accurate. Do your best to stay abreast of industry trends, updates, and changes.

Hire an Expert

By now, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the minutia involved with content marketing for financial services.

Hiring an expert is often the next step to focusing on what matters most in your business and allowing the professionals to do what they know best.

This is why at SJ Digital Solutions, we have several opportunities for you to outsource to us so we can help you Generate organic traffic with personalized content creation and search engine optimization (SEO).

Our Framework for Financial Content Marketing


When you’re ready to have your financial brand grow through your content, we’re here to help you become more visible as an authority in your niche by creating your content backed by our three pillars below.

We have 3 main goals in mind when creating content and marketing strategies for the financial services industry:

  1. Increase your traffic.
  2. Elevate your leads.
  3. Multiply your conversions.

You deserve to experience white-glove service. When you partner with our agency, you get quality customer care and gain access to our years of expertise. 

We create content that converts utilizing SEO so you can focus your time, energy, and resources on YOUR zone of genius. 

We understand the stress that your internal team is probably facing with the pressures of content creation. Allow us to increase your team’s bandwidth, decrease their overwhelm, and nail your content the first time. 

Because you deserve the best, outsource to SJ Digital Solutions. We’re a cut above the rest. And we’re here to get you the results you desire because we’re experts in writing SEO-optimized content for the financial niche.


We get it. Content marketing is a long game. 

This is why we help you outperform your competition by creating connections through captivating content. We believe that great content connects you to your audience, circles back to your other brand assets (finance blogs, financial industry articles, etc.), and creates sales.


Strategies without action are useless. Allow us to execute your strategies through one or multiple of our packages.

We know you desire to stop the guesswork and instead implement proven strategies through our step-by-step SEO framework.

We’re experts at getting your content ranked well, so when you hire us, you’re saving your team time and energy.


We understand the importance of staying abreast data-wise in the financial services industry.

So we routinely monitor analytics through Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Then, we send reports to you. 

This research process empowers us to take informed, educated action based on the data so that your content is refreshed and updated over time.

We’re certainly not experts in the financial services industry, but we DO stay aware of the strict compliance standards within the financial industry. And since numbers and regulations are modified all the time, we take updating your content very seriously.

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Still Curious?

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions from clients in the financial services industry when they want to kickstart their content marketing.

A: Success is easily measured in increased website traffic, clicks, impressions, and views. 

You can also track your growth as a business through the uptick in lead generation and customer acquisitions.

A: We don’t offer any guarantees around traffic, rankings, or revenue. But, we DO guarantee that you are getting the most up-to-date methods in the industry that have been proven to foster results.

A: Great question! Content writing for financial companies is more topic based and encompasses writing content that answers questions and appeals to your ideal audience. So it’s reaching out to your audience and being helpful through your content.

Meanwhile, SEO is more technical and involves a competitive ranking on Google so that you can improve traffic and revenue to your website.

Although different, SEO and content writing for financial services work best together– kinda like peanut butter and jelly.