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Our Story

Appropriately, our work in the finance space began from the ground up

with our blog How To FIRE.

In an already ‘saturated’ space, we grew How To FIRE to over 75,000 page views per month with over 20,000 social media followers & email subscribers. In August 2020, Mediavine could not help but notice us, and we added them to the ways our site provided us with recurring revenue.

We then spent years crafting the most cost- and time-effective solutions to increasing organic traffic. Our content creation and search engine optimization services are based on methods we’ve fine-tuned on our own sites and others so we can efficiently maximize results on yours.

We then turned our expertise into brand work with:

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Meet ‘S and J’, the faces behind our agency


The Wordsmith & Content Whiz


The SEO Mastermind & ‘Tech Guy’

Sam received her Bachelors of Science in Finance and her Masters in Business Administration from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She began her career in the financial services industry and shifted to an entrepreneurial role where she could directly impact clients. Sam has an impressive background in personal finance, business management, and SEO content creation, shaping her unique expertise and driving her ability to scale businesses. Her exhaustive experience with the editorial process has made her an expert in writing high-quality, user-intent focused content that fosters growth while still maintaining your style.

John has been building, optimizing, and scaling websites since 2013. He graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and earned his Masters in Software Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He has extensive experience in software engineering, search engine optimization, website development, digital marketing tactics, and the financial services industry. John is passionate about providing white-glove services to clients by leveraging cutting-edge SEO strategies that drive traffic to their sites while also increasing revenue streams.

And Our Incredible Team


Master of Wiggles & Snores

Simba is an eight-year-old yellow Labrador retriever who has captured her DINK parents’ hearts. She spends her days curled up under her Mom’s desk, snoring (many times heard on Zoom calls or Loom recordings). When not asleep, she scavenges for crumbs, knocks things over with her wiggly tail, watches over her chicken sisters, and shows her talents by holding multiple toys in her mouth at once. Simba’s happy spirit and trick of knowing how to ‘reach for the stars’ (thanks Mom!) encourages her team and SJDS clients to do the same.

Together we are here to

Make Your Growth a Reality

We’ve built packages for easy decisions that we know work for our clients. That said, we will never try to squeeze you into a one-size-fits-all solution. We adapt our services to your needs so we can best help you reach your goals. 

Our 'Find Your Needs' Framework

We provide strategic support that is customizable. Within our three-step framework, we have a clear and easy path for you to find what you need. 

  1. Identifying your strengths within your niche 
  2. Clarify those strengths within ranking possibility for your website size 
  3. Find problem areas within content and work to rectify where possible 

Ok, so it’s a big picture view of the nitty gritty assessment we do for your site when we very first work together – but know we’ve got your goals in mind and aim to offer you the best solution.

“I highly recommend John and Sam’s services. I have worked with them several times, including updating older blog articles to improve length, quality, and SEO. They have also helped provide feedback on my eBook, including style, format, and grammar. Overall working with them has been a pleasure. They provide fast, courteous, and excellent service.”

Brian Brandow, Dept Discipline

So, are you in yet? We would love to chat

In case you are really here to find the 'dirt' on us

Here are A Few Of those Fun Facts



Coffee Order

Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino

Chocolate Almond Milk Shaken Espresso

Favorite Splurge



Money Personality Type

Spender (within the budget, of course!)


Favorite Trip Ever


Tie between Yellowstone and Spain

The Best Credit Card (IMO)

Chase Business Ink

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Family Pastime


Travel of any kind

One last thing

When You Work With Us, You Are IN The Loop

We like working with accessible and reliable people, and we know you do too. Our process is streamlined by consistent 1:1 communication through our client dashboard. We foster collaboration so you can be as hands-on (or hands-off) as you want to be. 

Is this the perfect match?