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Frequently asked questions

A: A website won’t yield any results if you’re not implementing any traffic-generating strategies. Consistently publishing optimized content is proven to increase website traffic and revenue.

A: Content creation and optimization require adequate knowledge, tools, and skills to implement effectively. Rather than spending hours upon hours trying to figure it out on your own, hiring an expert will be more cost-effective and will generate more results. Plus, the longer you wait to get started, the longer you’ll be pushing off SEO results and the revenue that comes with it.

A: SEO Specialists test, analyze, and optimize websites so that they are search engine friendly and have the best chance to rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. An SEO person may plan a keyword strategy, create SEO-optimized content, improve existing content, run link building campaigns, and track analytics with the goal of increasing traffic, revenue, and conversions. 

A: Newsflash! You can write SEO content without it being boring. How, you might ask? It’s all about implementing our SEO framework while still keeping your audience and authentic style and tone in mind. That’s why we have an in-depth onboarding form for each client. We’ll understand these pieces so well, you’ll swear that you wrote the article yourself!

A: While we have bylines and top ranking articles  in many well-known publications, we can’t share our work from every client. Why? As a family team, mutual trust and relationships ares very important to us. So, we sign NDAs with several brands. For an in-depth look at our track-record, check out our Case Studies page.

A: It can be difficult to rank…if you don’t choose the right keywords to target and just follow the big dogs. That’s where we come in to ensure your content strategy is geared towards growth based on your niche, authority, and size. Once you have these pieces, you’ll be off to the races.