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Growth for Financial Founders & real estate Experts Through the Power of SEO

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Real Talk

Writing content without SEO is like typing that text reply and never hitting send – pretty hard for others to see and read. (We’ve all been there, are we right?)

We know your intentions are good, but Google doesn’t care and Google is critical to your success. 

Not to worry, if you want your financial brand to grow by having your content rise through the ranks of Google, then you have come to the right place. 

The Secret Sauce to No Longer Send Words Into the Void? 

A Website That Converts Through the
Power of SEO

Imagine going from this....

to this

Aimlessly dropping potential keywords into your spreadsheets and content

Having a potent keyword research strategy surrounding your content plan

A tiny trickle of primed leads and traffic

A wave of organic traffic that builds your authority in the financial sphere

A disjointed community, stifled in its growth

A trusted source of information and a thriving community

If you’re wondering how this is possible, know that it totally IS.

Let’s get your SEO strategy rolling.

Ready to Rank on Page One of Google?

It is not magic or ‘luck’ 

It IS Strategic SEO

(which we think is pretty magical,  but not in the bippity, boppity, boo kinda way)

SEO Packages

Ways We Can Help You Flourish & Grow with Google:

Keyword Research Roadmap

Your strategic approach to writing ranking content

For those who need a realistic content strategy to increase their organic traffic and grab their spot in the rankings.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Get a roadmap of 250+ primary keywords to target in your content through a Keyword Gap Analysis against your top five competitors

Timeline: 2 Weeks

SEO Site Audit

The key to finding & fixing technical issues on your site

For those who want to ensure their site health and have the strategy to tackle issues with speed and confidence.

Blog Optimization & Refresh

Working with what you've got to rise in the ranks

For those who are not seeing the kind of traction from Google they expected and would like a one-time swift SEO optimization of current articles.

Want us to do it for you?

If the idea of putting the SEO strategies into action with your content makes your palms sweat, we’ve got you covered with our content creation packages.

Chances are,

You're A Numbers Person

(Imagine that!) We are too, which is why we can show you the receipts.

Financial Advisor and CPA

Financial Advisor SEO Growth

Our client who runs a financial and tax planning practice increased their total clicks by 88% and total impressions by 80% in JUST three months of working with us.

This same client also increased their monthly pageviews by 104% going from 55,255 per month to 112,551 per month in one year!

Financial Blog

Financial Blog SEO Results

Our client who runs a financial blog increased their year over year growth by 275% working with us on the SEO Playbook, Optimization Takeoff, Link Building Rocket, and Content Grind packages.

Financial Coach

Financial Coach SEO Growth

Our client increased their total organic sessions by 47% and their total organic pageviews by 123% in just the FIRST month of working with us on the SEO Playbook and Content Kickstart packages.

After six months they’re seeing 1,138% more users per month! (369 vs 4,571)

Real Estate Crowdfunding App

Real Estate Crowdfunding SEO Growth

After three months, our client’s organic keywords have tripled using our Link Building Rocket and Content Champion packages! Reaching six months of our partnership, they celebrated a 10X increase in traffic and ranking keywords!

Truth bomb

SEO is not simple. There is no sugar coating it.

But with our team of SEO experts and content strategists, you can rest easy knowing that:

Your keywords are selected with the appropriate volume and difficulty for your site’s niche and authority.

Going beyond the blog and reaching out. i.e. link building is done with care because we know it is critical in order for you to rank competitively.

Your technical issues on your website that makes it difficult for Google to rank your content efficiently will be handled by tech experts.

But did YOU know that? If you did, then you’ve done your deep dive into the SEO world and we see you! If not we’ve still got you covered, and you can hand your SEO needs over to us.

Meet The Founders

Sam & John

Consider us your visibility specialists 

If this were LinkedIn, we would tell you that

Sam has:

  • Bachelors of Science in Finance and an MBA
  • Experience at Vanguard, including passing Series 7 & 63 licensing exams

& John has:

  • Software Engineering Education (BS & MS)
  • 15+ years of experience building websites and experience in the financial services industry

But Our REAL Resume Lies in What We Built Together

We’ve scaled our finance blog, How To FIRE, to over 75,000 page views per month with over 20,000 social media followers & email subscribers. In August 2020, Mediavine could not help but notice us, and we added them to the ways our site provided us with recurring revenue. 

Having proven our skills, we then turned our expertise into brand work with:

clever girl finance
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rocket mortgage
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investing answers logo

Our clients continue to be...

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Alternative Lenders
  • Subprime Lenders
  • Payday Lenders
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • B2B Lenders
  • Asset Management Firms
  • Personal Insurance Providers
  • Business Insurance Providers
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Credit Repair Companies
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Management Companies
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding
  • REIT Providers
  • Investing Platforms and Apps
  • Fintechs
  • Financial Planners (CFPs)
  • Financial Advisors
  • CFAs
  • CPAs , Accountants, Tax Preparers, & Tax Strategists
  • Bookkeepers
  • Virtual CFOs
  • Financial Coaches
  • Financial Educators
  • Financial Speakers
  • Finance Authors
  • Money Experts
  • Financial Blogs, Podcasters, & YouTubers
Don’t see your niche listed here? Chances are, we’re still able to help. Let’s chat.

We know this industry, even more importantly, we know

the strategies and structures required for your content to rank in Google.


Still Curious?

Frequently asked questions

A: You want eyes on your content, right? Well, that’s nearly impossible without SEO because social media is not a reliable source. Without content that is driving traffic to your products, services, and other offerings, you’re leaving money on the table. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll start seeing the conversions roll in.

A: After onboarding you through our simple 3-step process, we send you an onboarding form and a keyword selection form (if you did not purchase the SEO Playbook package). Then, we can get started on your content. Cheers! After delivery, we complete up to one round of revisions. At the beginning of the following month, we send you a monthly analytics report to let you know how your site is performing.

A: We require payment in full by the 1st of each month for our Link Building Rocket package. We also require payment in full prior to beginning either the SEO Playbook or Optimization Takeoff packages.

A: We don’t offer any guarantees around traffic, rankings, or revenue. But, we DO guarantee that you are getting the most up to date SEO methods in the industry that have been proven to foster results.

Stop Writing Words No One Will See

That one decision will directly affect your revenue goals.