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Real Solutions to Your Content Problems

A business and marketing podcast where we dive deep into the world of SEO and content marketing, uncovering the real strategies and solutions that make a difference – as in convert lurkers into clicks for your business.

Here at ‘Behind the Clicks,’ we’re not about your average, run-of-the-mill content advice. No, we’re here to give you the actual solutions for your content problems and talk to folks who are doing the same. We’re talking about the kind of no-nonsense SEO and content strategies that blogging courses don’t tell you about—the stuff based on results and data, not just theories or ‘it worked for me, so must work for you too’. 

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What You Can Expect on the Pod

Not Your Average Marketing Strategies

You won’t learn this from the run-of-the-mill blogging courses. 

Actionable Advice Backed By Data

We have the receipts and the exact next steps. 

Easy Listening, Skipping the Jargon

Like chatting with your biz bestie. 

Season one

Season One of ‘Behind the Clicks’ podcast is all the juicy information for SEO and Content Marketing that you wish you had known sooner. Let’s get you set up with your SEO so your content converts.

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“Holy cow! This is the podcast I never knew my business needed. If you need practical, powerful advice to get your business known, Sam is all you need. If you own a business, you HAVE TO LISTEN!!!”

Blown AWAY!

“As a business owner who always is looking to learn more about SEO and marketing, this podcast is game changing 👏👏 a must listen for anyone in business!!”

Value packed 🤯