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Are you struggling to find time to write strategic content that appeals to your target audience? Do you want someone who knows the personal finance niche instead and out? 

Look no further for two personal finance experts to write done-for-you, ghostwritten, or by-line content with their personal finance freelance writing services. Get blog posts or website copy that converts on a one-time or recurring basis. We can follow your keywords and outline, or do the research ourselves.

Reach out to learn how we can help you produce outstanding written content for your business or blog!


How I paid off $60,000 in student loans and auto debt and turned my side hustle into a 6-figure job

In 2016, my husband John and I felt financially stuck. John was recently out of school and I had one year to go. Despite our concerted efforts, and sometimes working a combined 120 hours a week, it never felt like we were getting any traction. The feeling hit us like a ton of bricks when we realized that we were spending our early 20s frequently choosing to work over spending time with friends, family, and each other…


I turned my side hustle into a 6-figure job and now I’m on track to retire by 40

In 2019, I paid off $60,000 of student and auto loan debt and reached a FIRE (financial independence, retire early) milestone called CoastFI. For those who aren’t familiar, CoastFI means that you have enough money saved in your retirement accounts that, if you never saved another penny, you would still have a comfortable retirement at a traditional retirement age, like 65…


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