Vip-Day with Sj Digital

One-Day Conversion Copy

Build your compelling copy in a single day.

Get your copywriting needs met using tried and tested conversion copy strategies so you can confidently scale knowing the words behind your business are working for you. 

Imagine How It Would Feel To Finally...

Own targeted copy that helps deliver a flood of leads to your inbox via website pages, email marketing, or social media. Hello booked and busy!

Get your time back to focus on the needle-moving aspects of your business knowing that you have kick-ass copy working effortlessly in the background.

Increase your brand value by having a crystal clear magnetizing message that has clients knowing exactly what to expect from you.


Well Friend,

that reality could be yours in a single day.

After being in the online space for over 4 years and scaling a multi-six figure business – there’s one thing I know to be true: 

Words Sell.

SEO might get people to your site. Design will keep people there….But WORDS… lead to the *click*. And getting people to opt-in to what you have to offer is a sure way to scale. In the One-Day Conversion Copy session, you can make that possible. What’s not to love? 

OnedayConversioncopymarks 05

Your business, your choice

Choose Your Own Copy Adventure:

From website copywriting to email sequences and social captions, I’ve got you covered when it comes to building a magnetizing message. 

You can kiss boilerplate goodbye and say helloooo to powerful, high-impact, converting copy.

Website Copy

Strategic copy for 1 landing page OR sales page focusing on the transformation you provide. 

Email Sequence

Strategic copy for a 5-part welcome or opt-in sequence set up on auto-pilot with your email provider.

Social Captions

Engaging social captions for 2 months’ worth of content + a bio audit and social posting schedule in ClickUp.

The Investment: $1,800

or two payments of $900


Tailored and custom copy

Your Copy Will Always Be

Certified Clickworthy Copywriter®

Dreamy money nerds & real estate brands

I want to write for again & again

Are you on the list?


The Process

Here's How It Works

1/ Onboarding

Fill out the application, we have a quick chat and then get you on the books!

2/ Pre-work

Because we are working in a tight timeframe, you’ll have some specific prep work.


Today is the day! You sit back and I dedicate an entire day to crafting converting copy.

4/ Revisions

You will have 2 business days to submit any revision requests. (because I want you to be beyond thrilled!)

5/ Refinement

I will refine your copy so it’s *chef’s kiss* within 3 business days.

The Investment: $1,800

or two payments of $900


Meet the expert behind your copy

Hi! I’m Sam.

One half of SJ Digital Solutions, but the whole word-smith behind your converting copy. 

If this were LinkedIn, I would tell you I have a…

  • Bachelors of Science in Finance and an MBA
  • Clickworthy Copywriting Certification
  • Grew my own social media with my How To FIRE biz to 20,000 followers
  • Scaled my own blog to over 75,000 page views per month
  • Used my copy skills to scale my agency to a multi-six figure business 
  • Build emails with open rates over 30% and click rates over 4%

All that says I’ve got the converting words under my belt and I would LOVE to help you find yours!

A One-Day Conversion Copy Session is perfect for you if…

You + Me + One Day =

Your copy checked off your to-do list

It’s time to stop pushing off your launch, shying away from sharing your website, and avoiding building your email list. Pick that money up off the table today… Well, actually in one day. 

The Investment: $1,800

or two payments of $900

The Most Commonly Asked Question

Do I Need Converting Copy or SEO?

SEO vs Converting Copy

Since we specialize in both, let’s take a moment to clarify. 

  • SEO = Words for Google 
  • Converting Copy = Words for your ideal clients and customers (aka humans) 

I will admit, we are biased here at SJ and do believe you need both at some point. That said, if you are an online service provider offering 1:1, then we suggest you start here with converting copy THEN begin to build out your SEO. Why? Because we are here for humans first and want your brand voice and messaging to be rock-solid before we add that sweet sweet layer of SEO magic on top. 


Now Is The Time

Because your time is valued.

A whole scheduled day devoted to your business where you know the research and copy is going to be delivered without joining a waitlist or waiting months for your project to be complete… that sounds like a no-brainer to me.