How to Increase Leads and Revenue through

SEO for Financial Services

While the methods have changed, it’s never been easier to reach your ideal clients now that nearly everyone has a mini-computer in their back pocket. 

Marketing for financial services has changed significantly over the past few years due to the rapid evolution of technology and the increasing importance of digital marketing. As a result, financial companies have adapted their marketing strategies to meet the needs of digitally savvy consumers over the past few years. 

That means now, more than ever, your business must be “Google-able”. . .a.k.a that you’re easily found online! That makes SEO for financial services one of the most important strategies any company can use.

There are many benefits of SEO marketing for financial services, including:

  • Increasing the visibility of a company’s website in search engine results 
  • Increasing website traffic, which can generate new leads
  • Establishing reputation and trust with your clients
  • Providing clients with a better user experience
  • Improving customer loyalty

Implementing strategic SEO marketing for financial services can positively impact your company’s long-term growth.

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What Is SEO for Financial Services?

SEO is the strategic business practice of optimizing a website to improve its ranking in search engine results.  Your ideal client will often find your website by searching for relevant keywords or phrases. 

In this digitally driven market, visibility is king.

So you know what they say? The second page of Google is a great place to hide a body. (Haha!)


seo financial services
financial services seo services

All joking aside.

75% of Google users only go up to the first page of results which is why SEO for financial services is so important.

Using an SEO financial services strategy could be the difference between whether you or the competitor down the street connects with the next client who needs your help.

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Why Do Financial Services Need an SEO Strategy?

Financial services companies need a search engine optimization strategy because it helps them attract potential customers through search engines like Google. 

In the past, we used to ask friends, family, or coworkers for advice. Now we just ask Google.

When searching for financial products or services online, prospective clients will likely use search engines to find what they need.

Suppose a financial services company has a strong SEO strategy in place. As a result, this organization will rank higher in search engine results, making it more likely that potential customers will find and visit the company’s website. This can increase website traffic, resulting in more leads and sales for the company. 

An SEO strategy can also help financial services companies to establish their brand as a reputable and trustworthy source of financial products and services, which can further boost their business.

Financial services need an SEO strategy to:

  • Build awareness and credibility
  • Increase search engine ranking
  • Point ideal clients directly to your website

Build Awareness and Credibility

If you were to do a Google search for luxury dog sweaters, what would you think about the very first result that pops up on your screen?

You might wonder how a person gets started in the luxury dog sweater niche. But more than likely, you will automatically think that the first website listed in the search is the best for luxury dog sweaters.

This is true of almost any business online: 

If you show up on page one, you are THE best in the mind of consumers.

Increasing your visibility with SEO for financial services is one way to bring awareness to your brand. Search engines like Google generally prioritize well-respected, trustworthy, and relevant websites for the user’s search. 

As a result, users are more likely to click on a website that appears at the top of search results. (75% more likely!)

Increase Search Ranking

Did you know that your financial services business website can focus on ranking for clients who live far beyond your zip code?

Thanks to the internet, business is no longer confined to your geographic area. For example, with SEO for financial services, you can operate in New Jersey but find and attract clients from Belgium if you want!

Some strategies can help your financial services website rank for international traffic. This might involve optimizing the website for global keywords and implementing procedures to improve the website’s visibility in different countries or languages. It may also include adapting the website’s content and design to be more culturally relevant to foreign markets.

If the thought of expanding financial services worldwide and dealing with all the complexities and confusion of helping international clients is enough to make you grab a bottle of ibuprofen, then never fear!

Suppose your business serves clients in the good ol’ US of A (or simply prefers to operate within the borders of your state). In that case, the best SEO for financial services is to optimize your website for local keywords by using the name of your city or region.

You can even create a strategy to focus your financial services SEO best practices on ranking for all three: local, national, and international clients.

Brings your target audience directly to your website

A good fisherman knows that hooking the big catch means using the right lure to attract the ideal fish. You first understand what the fish is attracted to (or looking for). 

The same goes for financial services SEO best pratices. 

Market research helps us identify the keywords your ideal clients search for online. Then you can optimize your website with titles, headings, and content to include the relevant keywords that will bring your target audience directly to your website. 

SEO marketing for financial services is your website’s shiny lure to reel in those new clients.

What Does Our SEO for Finance Services Include?

As an SEO agency for financial services, SJ Digital Solutions provides marketing strategies that can give your business the confidence that you can get found by the customers looking for your services and ready to invest in financial services. 

No more frustration about being lost in a sea of internet traffic because our carefully crafted content means you can rest assured that you’ll get results from our SEO optimization for financial services. 

And you’ll get all this without guessing, “Will this REALLY work?”

When you choose to invest in content marketing strategies for your organization, you get:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Optimization with Ahrefs, Frase, and SurferSEO
  • Grammarly Premium Checked & Plagiarism Pass
  • Authoritative External Links and Relevant Internal Links
  • CTAs to Drive Leads, Traffic, and Revenue to Your Offerings
  • Style and Tone of Your Choosing
  • 1 Round of Revisions
  • Uploaded to a Platform of Your Choice, if Desired
  • Custom Google Drive Collaboration
  • Monthly Analytics Report

Why Is SEO Different for Financial Sites?

Strategies Adapted to SEO for Financial Services

One way to utilize financial services search engine marketing is through branded keywords. Branded keywords are keywords or phrases that include the company’s brand name. 

For example, if a company XYZ sells umbrellas online, it might use the branded keyword “XYZ Umbrellas” in its SEO strategy. By ranking highly for branded keywords, a company can increase its visibility and recognition among internet users searching for a specific brand.

Another method is to use long-tail keywords. These are more specific and less competitive keywords than shorter, broader ones. For example, instead of targeting the keyword “financial services,” your company might target the long-tail keyword “best financial planning services for small businesses” or “financial auditing services for law firms.”

SEO for financial services can also include content plans. Google favors websites that provide valuable, informative, and relevant content. Financial services companies can create blog posts, articles, and guides that provide helpful information and resources. For instance, you might provide a “Guide to Financing for First-Time Home Buyers” or write a blog post titled “Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?” 

The Financial Industry Is One of the Most Competitive

Recent technological advances have made financial services more competitive than ever before. Whereas financial services used to be dictated by location (i.e., “Where’s the closest bank?”), now consumers have an ever-expanding list of options available to them online.  

To stand out, financial service providers must bring their “A game” to the marketing table. In a digital marketplace, SEO for financial services can give your business a competitive edge.

Optimizing Your Website for E-A-T and YMYL

Don’t worry–No forks are required to E-A-T here! Haha! 

Because E-A-T isn’t referring to food; instead, it’s a common acronym that means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This is a critical concept for SEO because it points to a website’s overall health and quality

YMYL, or Your Money or Your Life, refers to websites that can impact a user’s financial well-being or wealth health. 

Google has stated that it places high importance on E-A-T and YMYL websites, as they can significantly impact users.

So what does that mean for you as a financial services expert?

To optimize your financial services search engine marketing using E-A-T and YMYL:

  1. Establish your expertise by demonstrating your qualifications, credentials, and experience.
  2. Build your authority as a reputable resource in your industry by getting mentions or links from other reputable websites and organizations.
  3. Establish trust with your users by being transparent and upfront about who you are and what you do through contact information, a privacy policy, and clear disclaimers on your website.
  4. Create high-quality, informative, and accurate content. Google values websites that provide valuable and informative content, especially for YMYL websites. 
  5. Provide a secure website by using an SSL certificate and following best practices for website security to improve your website’s E-A-T.

Additional Services We Offer for Financial Services SEO

Our Search Engine Optimization for Financial Services Framework


If you’re ready to increase organic traffic, generate quality leads, improve conversions and boost your revenue, then we’re here to help!

You probably don’t have the SEO expertise or the staffing to tackle creating an SEO strategy for your website, and you definitely don’t have room for one more thing on your to-do list… 

We’ll gladly take that task off your plate so you can get back to crunching numbers and analyzing spreadsheets.


In addition to the instant relief you’ll experience by outsourcing, you’ll get the confidence of knowing that our SEO and content marketing strategies for financial services are tested and proven to work

Have you ever invested in pay-per-click ads only to feel like you were watching your hard-earned budget money disappear with nothing to show for it?

You don’t have to feel that way one more day! Instead, get the best SEO marketing for financial services to help you rise to the top of the crowded online space.


No matter your needs, we offer multiple packages for financial services SEO services which all include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Optimization With Ahrefs and SurferSEO
  • Grammarly Premium Checked & Plagiarism Pass
  • Authoritative External Links and Relevant Internal Links
  • CTAs to Drive Leads, Traffic, and Revenue to Your Offerings
  • Monthly Analytics Report

Our content is strategic, researched, and optimized to improve your brand visibility and to connect with your ideal clients. . .and you don’t even have to lift a finger!


You use data to make informed decisions for your financial services business. It’s no different with marketing.

We regularly monitor Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see how your content is performing, and then we send the reports to you. And we’re proud to say that we take action based on numbers, data, and market research when we periodically update your SEO.

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Turn leads into customers and get started today. We’ve partnered with finance brands around the globe with digital marketing campaigns, including SEO, content creation, lead generation, and beyond. Get results with the pros in your niche – we’re not a generic agency that works with everyone.

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Still Curious?

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients in the finance industry when they want to kickstart their SEO Marketing Strategy.

A: We track key metrics such as organic traffic to your website, keyword rankings, conversion rates, and CPA (cost per acquisition) of organic traffic. This data is tracked in Google Analytics which can help you to do a “deep dive” into how your website is performing and identify areas for improvement.

A: Real talk: SEO can be complex. SEO effectiveness for financial services is based on the relevance of the website’s content and the effectiveness of the SEO strategies used. 

Because financial services are such a competitive market, hiring an SEO specialist who can create a targeted plan to reach your ideal clients is crucial to your success.

A: If you want eyeballs reading your website, then yes–SEO is relevant to your financial services business this year.

In fact, the longer you wait, the longer you’re leaving money on the table. Investing in financial SEO services now means higher conversions sooner than later.

Quite simply–as often as it’s needed. (How’s that for vague?)

But honestly, this depends on many factors, including how your website performs. However, if the data suggests that your website is performing well, then “Why fix it if it ain’t broken?”

The best SEO for financial services is a well-researched and strategic plan that gets results without constantly requiring tweaks and changes. . .and we just happen to know someone who can do that. *wink wink*

Heck yes, we do! Check out our Keyword Research Roadmap, which starts at only $500.

You should look for a reputable and experienced agency that understands your business goals and the specific needs of SEO marketing for financial services.  

Did we mention that Sam started in the financial services industry?

With Sam’s finance experience, John’s tech know-how, AND the proven success of our SEO for financial service strategies, SJ Digital Solutions is the SEO agency for you!