SEO Site Audit


Increase your ranking keywords and tackle issues with speed and confidence.

It’s time to geek out over the backend of your website.

So you've gained some traction with building your website and content from scratch...

Now what?

You’re here because you get it.

You’ve probably been DIYing your website build, site maintenance, and SEO and have firsthand experienced the power of organic traffic.

You expected to have THOUSANDS of clicks per month.

But what you’re getting instead is website analytics that are ACTUALLY crickets (i.e., zip, zero, nada). 

You don’t want to go the PPC (pay-per-click) route, but something needs to give. 

You understand that bringing in the experts is a better use of resources and you can get back to your zone of genius.

You’d prefer to get the mistakes fixed and get it right the first time moving forward while leaning back and relaxing as the results you desire roll in.

Results Like...

Boosting total clicks by 88% and total impressions by 80% for our financial advisor/CFP client in JUST 3 MONTHS

Increasing the year-over-year growth of a client’s financial blog by 275% as they worked with us through the SEO Playbook, Optimization Takeoff, Link Building Rocket, and Content Grind packages.

Tripling the organic keywords for our client’s real estate crowdfunding app in only 3 months.

And after 6 months of our partnership, this same client celebrated a 10X increase in traffic and ranking keywords!

Experiencing the freedom of what it feels like to forget about the algorithm is what you’re in store for.

Because with our help through powerful, SEO-optimized, niche-specific technical SEO, you’ve got Google on your side

Now It’s time to prepare for an insane uptick in traffic and warm leads

Imagine what it would feel like to have a strategic plan to improve every page on your website.

Imagine a completely customizable solution that directs your technical and content fixes step-by-step on what to do to secure a coveted spot on Google page one. 

Imagine what it’ll feel like when those changes transform into traffic consistently, which means an increase in cash flow for your business.

Here’s How the SEO Site Audit Works:

By now, you realize that SEO and content marketing are the way to go in today’s cluttered, competitive digital landscape.

You’ve also understood the power of outsourcing to us as the experts, specifically for white-glove, done-for-you SEO Services, and SEO Strategies.

But you may be wondering what actually needs to be improved with your website to see better results?

What can you do to capitalize on the business assets you already have before going back to the drawing board?

Well, it’s time for you to AUDIT your SEO!

Introducing the

SEO Site Audit

The premiere way for you to finally be seen by your ideal client and get higher conversions with your offers.

And it’s a no-brainer next step for you to take with us.

Because over the past 5 years, SJ Digital Solutions has helped over 150 finance and real estate brands skyrocket their SEO and Content Marketing in new + innovative ways, using our unique strategies.

Take it from

Our clients

“Like most bloggers, it feels like my to-do list never ends and it’s hard to know exactly where to spend my time and resources! SJ Digital Solutions helped me strategize and plan content that I will actually rank for.

They quickly found ways to improve my website and the results were almost immediate! I feel like they actually gave me back more hours in the day with their detailed content outlines. SJ Digital Solutions is my go to for all things in the digital space!”

-Sarah Chesworth from

Meet The Founders

Sam & John

Consider us your visibility specialists 

If this were LinkedIn, we would tell you that

Sam has:

  • Bachelors of Science in Finance and an MBA
  • Experience at Vanguard, including passing Series 7 & 63 licensing exams

& John has:

  • Software Engineering Education (BS & MS)
  • 15+ years of experience building websites and experience in the financial services industry

But Our REAL Resume Lies in What We Built Together

We’ve scaled our finance blog, How To FIRE, to over 75,000 page views per month with over 20,000 social media followers & email subscribers. In August 2020, Mediavine could not help but notice us, and we added them to the ways our site provided us with recurring revenue. 

Having proven our skills, we then turned our expertise into brand work with:

clever girl finance
Ladders Logo
rocket mortgage
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investing answers logo

Our clients continue to be...

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Alternative Lenders
  • Subprime Lenders
  • Payday Lenders
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • B2B Lenders
  • Asset Management Firms
  • Personal Insurance Providers
  • Business Insurance Providers
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Credit Repair Companies
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Management Companies
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding
  • REIT Providers
  • Investing Platforms and Apps
  • Fintechs
  • Financial Planners (CFPs)
  • Financial Advisors
  • CFAs
  • CPAs , Accountants, Tax Preparers, & Tax Strategists
  • Bookkeepers
  • Virtual CFOs
  • Financial Coaches
  • Financial Educators
  • Financial Speakers
  • Finance Authors
  • Money Experts
  • Financial Blogs, Podcasters, & YouTubers
Don’t see your niche listed here? Chances are, we’re still able to help. Let’s chat.

With this offer,

We help you

Capitalize on the massive potential of Google visibility your site already has within its reach

Implement an effective strategy for optimization, removal, refreshing, and link building of existing content

Utilize our Premium SEO Tools to determine the health and performance of each page on your website

Optimize your website analysis by aggregating all of the data points into a filterable and sortable spreadsheet

Take it from

Our clients

“Sam and John make it as easy as possible for me. They are willing to go into the weeds when I have a question, but they’re not bogging me down with unnecessary information. [They took the time to understand me and my business]…Because it’s not enough to just rank on Google, [the articles] also [need] to be about what I’m about.

Passively generating business through the services SJ Digital Solutions provides my coaching business makes my life easier, lighter, and full of freedom.”

-Adam Kol from The Couples Financial Coach

Let’s Paint the Picture of Success

Here’s what’s possible when you choose to enroll in our SEO Site Audit Service:

Hypothetically, let’s say a lead named Tyler searches on Google for the best crowdfunding apps to diversify his investment strategy without buying physical property.

He got to your website because you rank on the first page of Google and Tyler NEVER bothers clicking past the first page of his search results. 

About halfway through the article, Brandon slows his scroll when he realizes your app provides the educational tools and easy-to-use functionality he’s looking for.

Wow. He’s impressed by you. 


Suddenly,  a perfectly-placed CTA box invites Brandon to take the next step and sign up for your platform.

That sounds picture perfect.

But nearly impossible to happen at scale if you have technical issues with your website and content.

The Problem?

Disjointed categories and tags

Unorganized sitemap

Lagging code

Slow pagespeed times

Unnecessary plugins

Http status

No SEO metadata

Long URLs

Dates in URLs

Pictures without title and alt text


Pictures that are not compressed

Content without a keyword strategy

Unoptimized content

Uncomprehensive content

Broken links

Canonical URL issues

Because Google will ignore you and not offer your business as a solution to user searches if you don’t check all of the boxes and meet their strict parameters.

Here's what you'll get with the

SEO Site Audit Package

When you’re ready to transform your invisible financial or real estate brand into increased traffic, leads, and revenue you get a 1-month partnership with us designed to clean up your brand’s home (aka website).

Part 1

  • A comprehensive analysis of your website to identify technical on & off-page issues and provide recommendations and next steps
  • A review of the overall health of your site through several premium SEO tools, scrapers, crawlers, and Google Search Console & Google Analytics to deep dive into your site’s performance on a page-by-page basis

Part 2

  • A report of our findings in the technical reboot that is an aggregate of all of these data points pulled into one spreadsheet where you can easily filter and sort the data to be used for further analysis
  • These aspects are helpful for identifying posts with good ranking potential, determining which posts need to be removed, knowing which posts need to be refreshed, which need additional backlinks, and much more.
  • 2-hour SEO strategy session to go over all of our research and deliver your report


  • Includes up to 1000 website pages
  • Option to receive a quote for implementation of findings at a discounted client rate

* Contact us for a custom quote for more website pages or implementation of our findings

One-time Investment: $1,250

Timeline: 4 Weeks

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Meet SEO Site Audit Client:
Sarah Chesworth

Who went from hating technical SEO to 3X traffic

Sarah came to SJ Digitial Solutions in May of 2022 after a referral from a fellow SEO Coach in a Blogging and SEO Facebook group. 

Sarah came to us tired of proverbially throwing spaghetti at the wall and DIY-ing the backend of her WordPress site

She felt frustrated and fed up with all of the coding and plugins and the rat race of trying to keep up with an ever-changing Google algorithm.

She knew her site had the potential for more traffic but suffered from what we like to call “technical overwhelm”— 

When Sarah joined SJ Digitial Solutions, she already had an abundance of quality articles and products.

But, she was still feeling invisible to Google.

So she invested in our SEO Site Audit. 

Sarah had confidence in us to find and fix issues so she could sit back and enjoy the results. 

Shortly after starting the analysis, we uncovered a shocking truth.

Sarah’s sitemap wasn’t submitting her articles to Google indexing.

Within 1 month, Sarah's organic traffic was up to 5,000 ORGANIC clicks monthly.

Sarah was understandably overwhelmed by this finding but trusted us to update her sitemap and submit all of the articles to Google.

Because when you invest your time, money, and resources into a content strategy, you want it to be seen. 

The results were astounding—her site went from 1,710 clicks one month to 5,000 clicks the next.

Let’s break that down daily:

➡️ Sarah went from getting about 57 people on her site daily through organic traffic to OVER 165 per day (organically).

❓ What would you do if you went from an average of 400 users per week on your website to over 1250?

💡 Well, Sarah knew she wanted to enlist our help once again. So she joined the Keyword Research, Article Optimization, and Content Brief packages to continue the momentum.

And the next milestone was being approved by Monumetric for a more lucrative ad network revenue stream.


As you can probably imagine, Sarah is thrilled with 3Xing her organic traffic and can’t wait to see where the business is at in a few months.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Save yourself an email

Frequently asked questions

A: You get a comprehensive spreadsheet with the performance, issues, and recommendations for every page on your website as well as a 2-hour Strategy Call to come up with a strategy for fixing them and avoiding similar issues moving forward.

This proven process of finding and fixing technical and content issues often results in more traffic and more revenue for your brand.

A: Onboarding is simple and streamlined. It starts with a consultation call, and then you’ll accept your proposal and agreement, and pay your invoice.

Then we can get started on finding and fixing your site issues. Cheers!

After we’ve completed our research and analysis, you’ll receive a spreadsheet with everything you need to know as well as a link to book a 2-hour strategy call with John.

A: The optimal time to invest is when you’re confused as to why your website is hearing crickets and not converting. OR prior to flooding your brand with new content, products, and services.

Because you need to fix what you’ve got first so you don’t make the same mistakes moving forward.

If you’re ready for your website to become an income and impact-generating asset, click here to start getting content-powered SEO from us

Once we nail your technical fixes, you’ll be ready for content marketing!

A: We require payment in full to book your package.

A: We don’t offer any guarantees around traffic, rankings, or revenue. But we DO guarantee that you are getting the most up-to-date SEO methods in the industry that have been proven to foster results.




That one decision will directly affect your revenue goals.

WARNING: Boring disclaimer.

As you probably already realize, no results are guaranteed– especially regarding income and financial success.

We include client testimonials and success stories to demonstrate what’s possible when we work together. But your results may vary. 

As always, we commit to you that we’ll work hard with you to get the results you desire, but our crystal ball is out of commission, so we can’t predict your level of success.