How to Increase Leads and Revenue through

Email Marketing
FOR REIT Companies

Are you a REIT professional? Have you considered or used email marketing for REIT companies, or are you in the category that thinks it’s not worth it?

Many assume investors are everywhere, so they don’t have to market. People always need a way to invest, right?

While that might be true, email marketing is the best way to capture your target audience’s attention. Years ago, REIT companies had to use traditional marketing tactics, such as mailers, cold calls, and expensive ads. It was expensive and, quite frankly, not successful.

Today, more cost-effective options exist, including REIT email marketing services. 

Why consider it? 

Over 50% of the WORLD uses email, with the numbers expected to hit 4.37 billion in 2023. If you aren’t using email marketing for REIT companies, it’s safe to say that you aren’t getting in front of your target audience.

No other marketing technique for REIT companies could give you direct access to your target audience. 

Sure social media is an opportunity to make yourself seem more personable, but it’s still not a direct channel to the right people. The uncertainty of social media algorithms and the ability for anyone to hit ‘like’ on your social media pages makes it hard to know when you’re targeting the right people or if the right people see your content.

Email open rates are 10% – 15% higher than social media reach. When talking about potential clients, that’s a big difference and is why DFY email marketing services for REIT companies is essential.

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What Do Our Email Marketing for REIT companies Include?

Good marketing strategies for REIT companies increase your number of qualified leads and sales and help you become a leader in the industry. When your target audience receives value-added emails from you regularly, they’ll see that you care about your target audience and have the knowledge and expertise to help them reach their goals.

With REIT email marketing services, you can create a strategy that isn’t focused on sales but instead naturally pushes your audience through the sales funnel until they become clients. They won’t feel like they’re being forced into a sale. Instead, they’ll feel grateful for your free guidance and naturally want more by becoming clients.

Email marketing services for REIT companies are more than just a few emails. 

Here’s what our services include:

DFY email marketing services for reit companies
email services for reit companies

Catchy and optimized subject lines

Your subject line determines if your target audience opens your email. Make it gimmicky, too salesy, or dull, and it will get deleted. On the other hand, if you make it enticing enough that they’ll have no choice but to open it, you’ll have a greater chance of increasing sales.

Our DFY email marketing services for REIT companies include optimized subject lines that your audience will open because they want to know more.

Converting Copy

Next, we focus on the body of the email. Again, the optimized subject line gets readers to open it, but now they need to read what you offer.

We use our expertise in copywriting to provide content that educates while convincing, without making them feel pushed into a sale. We understand how to create copy that converts in discreet ways.

Educational Emails

You might not think educational emails should be a part of email marketing for REIT companies, but it’s the most significant piece of the puzzle.

You will be at the forefront of your audience’s mind if you provide free education and position yourself as a leader in the industry by providing educational emails. At SJ Digital Solutions, we have the expertise to craft educational emails about REITs to help you become the leader your audience wants to use.

Offers with Perfect Timing

We know the best time to provide offers and share the information with you. We’ll create sales emails that perfectly balance educational and promotional content to help you make the sale naturally with our marketing strategies for REIT companies.

Automatically Scheduled Emails

You tell us the email service provider you prefer, and we do the rest, setting up your emails on automation and keeping your audience constantly engaged and interested.

Want to see our work in action?

Email Marketing Strategies for
REIT companies

Email marketing for REIT companies means more than throwing together a few emails and hoping you make the sale.

News flash! You won’t make the sale that way. Instead, here are some tried-and-true marketing strategies for REIT companies that we use.

1. Personalize your emails

The point of email marketing for REIT companies is to let your audience know you hear them and understand what they need, so your emails must be personal.

No one will read or enjoy emails that seem impersonal or like they were meant for a generic audience. Instead, make your audience feel special, so your email marketing for REIT companies’ efforts is worth it.

What happens if you don’t?

Chances are they will go elsewhere, so don’t take a chance.

2. A/B Test your subject lines 

A/B testing your subject lines is imperative to determine how well your subject lines convert. It’s a simple process and part of our email services for REIT companies. If you run analytics on the different subject lines, you see which performs better, so you know what to use moving forward.

Consider it like a science experiment with a controlled and variable substance, determining which works better.

3. Optimize Your Send Time

Think of optimizing your send time like a bakery with enough of its daily special for the afternoon rush. They know when they will have the most customers, so they prepare their inventory appropriately.

Email marketing for REIT companies is the same thing. If you send your emails when your target audience isn’t active, it will have much less impact than if you sent them when you know they’re active.

Opening an email inbox to hundreds of unopened emails lowers the chance of your audience opening your email. It will either get overlooked or deleted because they don’t have time.

Optimizing your send time is crucial to successful email services for REIT companies. 

4. Include Benefits, not features

Email marketing for REIT companies is your chance to show your audience you are the expert. If you only promote the features of the products you offer, you will come off as an annoying salesperson, and they’ll go elsewhere.

Instead, fill your emails with the benefits of your offer, naturally making your audience want to become clients.

5. Automate your Email Campaigns

No one has time to send emails regularly manually. You have too many other tasks to consider that email marketing for REIT companies will quickly get overlooked.

Instead, automate your email campaigns or use REIT email marketing services to automate your emails for you. Take the burden off your shoulders, but don’t lose the benefit of consistent email marketing.

6. Include a catchy email signature

You might think your email signature is the least important part of email marketing for REIT companies, but it holds just as much weight as the subject line.

Your email signature is a chance to show who you are and to provide your contact information. 

Make it catchy and not dull, but be sure it includes all the necessary information for clients who want to move forward.

7. Analyze your metrics 

Don’t make your email marketing for REIT companies’ efforts worthless. Instead, analyze your metrics, focusing on your clickthrough and conversion rates to see if your actions work.

If it’s not, don’t worry!

There’s a bit of trial and error in email marketing, especially if you aren’t familiar with it.

If your metrics aren’t what you hoped, consider using DFY email marketing services for REIT companies to get better results.

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Turn leads into customers and get started today. We’ve partnered with REIT companies around the globe with email marketing campaigns. Get results with the pros in your niche – we’re not a generic agency that works with everyone.

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing for REIT companies?

Email marketing for REIT companies has many benefits, including the following.

You can connect directly with your target audience 

No other marketing technique offers such a personal way to connect with your audience. Your emails can make it seem like the content was written specifically for each audience member and not the audience as a whole.

Directly connecting with them and getting their individualized attention helps you get your message across, showing yourself as the industry leader and the go-to professional for their REIT needs.

Builds Relationships and trust 

You can build a relationship with your audience using REIT email marketing services.

Your emails build upon one another, allowing your audience to slowly learn to trust the information you provide. When your emails aren’t 100% focused on sales but instead on providing valuable information to help them make important decisions, you’ll be the natural decision when they’re ready to move forward.

Allows you to stay in touch with customers 

Email marketing for REIT companies is the best way to stay in contact with your clients. 

Sure, you can check in with social media, but if your reach isn’t far enough, only a fraction of your target audience will see your message. 

Email marketing allows you to talk directly to your clients, reminding them of your services, alerting them of important news, or just popping in to say ‘hi’ and remind them that you are there when they need you.

You can give tips and industry advice 

With REIT email marketing services, you can give your audience tips and tricks they didn’t know they needed.

When you provide valuable information they can use, you’ll automatically seem like a leader to them. Then, when they are ready to invest in a REIT, you’ll be a natural answer to their needs because they already know you’ll have the answers to their questions.

Allows you to reach a larger audience

Email marketing for REIT companies allows you to reach a larger audience with a single marketing tactic. One email can get hundreds or thousands of people at once, allowing you to reach many more than any other methods allow.

Saves you time

Time is money, and email marketing for REIT companies saves a lot!

Rather than making cold calls, individually emailing prospects, or trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work on social media, you can reach your entire audience with one email campaign.

If you segment your email list into categories, you can target your emails to the people that will benefit from it the most and see the largest return on your investment.

Increase brands visibility 

Email marketing for REIT companies is a great way to stay active in your audience’s mind. It allows you to share tidbits, good news, market updates, and helpful tips that help your audience connect with you, creating more brand awareness.

Each time you send an email, it’s another chance to get in your audience’s mind so that when they’re ready to conduct real estate transactions, you are the first company they consider.

You own your email list, unlike social media

Your email list is one of the only things, except your website, that you own. You could have thousands of followers on social media, but you don’t own those lists. If the social media company folds, you lose access to those customers.

It’s cost-effective

Email marketing has a great ROI, with $36 earned for every dollar spent. That’s a return you won’t find in any other marketing technique.

Additional Marketing Services We Offer For REIT companies

Our Email Marketing Framework for
REIT companies


SJ Digital Solutions is fully invested in your REIT company’s success. We help you garner more leads and have higher conversion rates by getting to know your vision. We fully research your operations, vision, and mission to understand your company.

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing for REIT companies because we know that no two companies have the same needs. So instead, our DFY email marketing services for REIT companies are tailored to your exact needs. 


At SJ Digital Solutions, we create an email marketing strategy exclusive to your business. We focus on what will make your company rise above the competition. So no, we don’t copy what your competitors do. Instead, we do what we know works and will help you have higher clickthrough and conversion rates.

What you get when you work with SJ Digital Solutions are professionals with experience and passion for the REIT industry and marketing that, when put together, recreate astounding results for your REIT company.


It’s all just words until we implement the plan, right? We implement our carefully crafted email marketing for REIT companies’ strategy by creating content we know will convert.

We work with you on all the details, including the right dates and times to send emails, the offers you want to provide, and any other information you want us to have to create the perfect email marketing strategy for your company.


Finally, we always analyze. What good would a marketing technique be if we didn’t analyze the results?

We’re all about the numbers, and we know you are too, so we always share the analytics, show you what’s working and what isn’t, and change anything that needs improving. Email marketing for REIT companies is always changing, and you can trust SJ Digital Solutions to change with the times!

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Let us help you make email marketing YOUR differentiating factor in the REIT industry by helping you create converting emails starting today.

Still Curious?

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients in the REIT industry when they want to kickstart their email marketing strategy.

A: At SJ Digital Solutions, we are experts in email marketing for REIT companies, so we provide the emails you need as you need them. You don’t have to worry about how long it might take, or if they will work. Instead, we use tried-and-true strategies that take the stress off your back, and you can start immediately!

A: If you’re ready to start email marketing for REIT companies, we’ll make it easy – contact SJ Digital Solutions today!

A: Cold emailing has an impressive conversion rate of 15% – 20%. Of course, you want a higher conversion rate, but if cold emailing is something you’re considering, don’t give up.