How to Increase Leads and Revenue through

SEO for REIT Companies

SEO for REIT providers is a somewhat new concept for investors, especially if you’ve been in the REIT industry for a long time.

Before the internet or REIT investors were so tech savvy, REIT investments were handled by word of mouth. REIT companies had to network in person or over the phone to get leads.

However, slowly but surely, digital marketing has taken over the REIT investor industry. As a result, REIT providers quickly had to get tech-savvy and understand the nuances involved in SEO for REIT providers to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The marketing strategy of all REIT providers must now include digital marketing. Without it, you’ll be left in the dust while your competitors get a hold of the best REIT investments in the industry.

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What does this mean for you?

You need solid  SEO REIT providers strategies. But this doesn’t happen easily. Your marketing plan must include blog content, videos, and relevant images that contain your top keywords. REIT providers SEO services is a complex process that, when done right, can create brand awareness, and when done wrong, can leave you at the back of the pack.

Here’s the thing.

You can’t just throw together blog content and videos and hope for the best. Instead, you need REIT providers SEO services that consider the latest SEO practices to help your brand rank at the top of the search engines.

If you want any of the following, you must consider the best services for search engine optimization for REIT providers:

  • A REIT provider website that ranks in the major search engines
  • High traffic volume to your REIT provider’s website to gain new leads
  • The chance to be a trusted leader in the industry
  • The ability to show potential clients how you can help them 
  • The opportunity to create and build customer trust and loyalty

Using REIT providers SEO strategies can increase your REIT provider’s potential by making it more visible, available, and trustworthy.

What Do Our SEO for
REIT Providers Include?

At SJ Solutions, we know that all REIT providers have different search engine optimization for REIT providers’ needs. That’s why we provide several packages to meet your needs and help elevate your marketing strategy, so you are the REIT provider at the top of the search engine rankings, not your competitors.

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect:

  • SEO audit and competitor analysis

An SEO audit determines what your website does right and what needs improvement. We’ll look at keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and links. All the techy stuff that Google wants.

We’ll also evaluate what your competitors do that you don’t. This doesn’t mean we’ll copy what they do. We’ll do it BETTER, putting you at the top. 

  • Keyword research

Every search engine optimization for REIT providers must include keyword research. It’s what creates your website, gives it purpose, and tells Google why it exists.

You wouldn’t want to rank for keywords that have nothing to do with your website, would you? 

Hint: the answer is no.

You want to rank for keywords your target audience wants so you can convert leads into clients.

seo reit providers
reit providers seo services
  • Improved user experience

User experience is a crucial component of what Google considers. So if users get to your website and are confused or don’t spend a long time on your website, it can count against you. 

We create a well-structured user experience focusing on visual design and style so visitors can navigate easily.

  • Build backlinks

Backlinks are like ‘votes’ for your website. It tells Google that others agree that your website is good for REIT providers. This is the key to SEO for REIT providers. 

Honestly, you could use all the right keywords and have the most user-friendly site, but if no one links back to your site, it’s a sign of a poorly utilized REIT providers search engine marketing plan.

At SJ Digital Solutions, we ensure not only that you get the backlinks but that they are high quality, so Google views them favorably.

  • On-page SEO

Keywords are great and an integral part of your SEO for REIT providers, but there’s more to it, which makes SJ Digital Solutions stand apart from the rest.

We don’t slap keywords on your site and hope for the best. We know that doesn’t work.

Instead, we look at the big picture. We focus on HTML, internal links, metadata, relevant images, and quality content.

Want to see our work in action?

What’s the Benefit of SEO for
REIT providers?

You might wonder, what are the advantages of SEO for REIT providers? Why should you make room in your budget for a complex marketing plan?

Here are a few of the most important benefits.

Greater Brand Visibility

When you implement SEO for REIT providers, you tell Google, ‘hey, I’m over here!’ It’s like waving a flag in the air, trying to flag down help when you’re in trouble. With the rREIT providers SEO best practices, you’ll get more attention to your website and brand and potentially gain more clients.

Gain Organic Traffic

Organic traffic turns into leads and is one of the top SEO benefits for REIT providers. When you rank higher in the search engines, more people can find you, which leads to organic traffic and leads.

A study by Conductor proved that most companies saw a traffic increase of 12% by implementing SEO strategies. 

When you use REIT providers search engine marketing tactics, you optimize your keywords, backlinks, and user experience to rank high in the search engines, gaining that organic traffic.

More Leads and Conversions

Of course, the number one goal of any SEO for REIT providers’ strategy is to get more clients. The easier your target audience can find you, the more likely you are to get more leads and conversions.

REIT providers SEO Marketing Strategies

When implementing SEO on REIT providers’ websites, the following real estate SEO strategies are necessary:

  • Optimize Local Google My Business Page 
  • Perform Targeted Keyword Research for REIT providers
  • Optimize for On-page SEO for REIT providers
  • Boost Authority through Link Building
  • Monitor and Analyze your Results

Key Ranking Factors for REIT Provider Websites

Relevant High-Quality Content

High-quality content means your content is helpful for your audience. It doesn’t just slap keywords and throw a few words out there.

Instead, it showcases you as the expert REIT expert in the industry. If you’re looking for local search engine optimization for REIT providers, we’ll include local keywords that attract the audience near you.

What we won’t do is provide just any old content, worse yet, copied content, that penalizes your site. 

You need 100% unique blog content written specifically for your site to make your REIT providers marketing plan work for you.

User Experience

Users don’t want to come to your website and wonder what I am doing?

Instead, you want them to feel comfortable knowing where to go when your website pops on their computer or mobile device.

If you’ve ever crawled a website wondering where the navigation bar is or how to get the information you need, you know what happens next. You scroll to the next competitor.

Ensuring a top-notch user experience helps keep those customers on your page while engaging them to move forward with your company.

Keyword Placement

Keyword placement is the key to successful REIT providers SEO services. Use them too much, and you’ll get penalized, but don’t use them often enough, and your site won’t rank at the top of the search engines, making your SEO marketing for REIT providers null and void.

Knowing where to place the keywords, how often to use them, and which keywords to use is the key to a successful marketing strategy.

Authoritative Backlinks

You want people rooting in your corner, and the best way to do that with SEO for REIT providers is to get authoritative backlinks.

What does this mean?

Well, if a makeup company linked to your REIT provider website, it probably wouldn’t do much for you, right? That’s not your right audience.

Instead, you want backlinks from companies within your niche (REITs) that rank high. This means Google trusts these sites, and if they vote for you, then Google might too.

Mobile Friendliness

92.3% of the world uses some type of mobile device. Enough said.

You are missing out if your website isn’t mobile-optimized.

If it’s not, you could lose out on a large portion of your audience who does their research for REIT provider content on their phone or another mobile device.

In fact, a big part of SEO for REIT providers includes mobile optimization. Here’s why.

One of Google’s latest changes is giving priority to mobile-friendly sites. If your site isn’t mobile-optimized, you may hurt your SEO for REIT providers’ efforts.

Page Speed

You might wonder, what does page speed have to do with search engine optimization for REIT providers? It has nothing to do with keywords or backlinks, right?


But it affects your site’s user-friendliness, and we’ve already discussed how much Google cares about that.

While it’s nice to know that Google wants us to visit sites that will help us and not add another frustration to our day, it’s a key component of SEO for REIT providers, including page speed. 

If your page loads too slowly, guess what….no one will find you.


Plain and simple, your website must be crawlable. Google does it often, and if it can’t scan and index your pages, it will negatively affect your search engine optimization for REIT providers efforts.

Additional Services We Offer for REIT Providers SEO

SJ Digital Solutions also offers the following:

Our SEO Framework for REIT Providers


SJ Digital Solutions has a vision for REIT providers and implements the REIT providers SEO best practices to make them work for you. We work hard to ensure local clients can find your REIT providers’ website and blog content. We do the hard work for you while you sit back and watch your leads grow.

We tailor our SEO for REIT providers to each company’s needs. We don’t offer a cookie-cutter option that makes you look like your competitors. Instead, you’ll STAND APART from them and get REAL results from your REIT providers SEO services.


At SJ Digital Solutions, we have extensive experience in SEO for REIT providers. Both founders have top-notch expertise in the REIT industry and a solid technical background, which combine to create the best strategy for REIT providers search engine marketing.

Stop wasting time and money on tactics that don’t work. You might think you’re saving money by cutting corners but only hurting yourself. When you employ SJ Digital Solutions, you get the best REIT providers SEO services in the industry, hands down, giving you the conversions you dreamt of but never thought would be a reality.


The experts at SJ Digital Solutions execute everything for you. This means you don’t need to hire an in-house SEO specialist, aka another employee, or try to make heads or tails out of SEO for REIT providers yourself.

We cover everything, so you use REIT providers SEO best practices, giving you the best chance at converting visitors to clients.


We know, as a REIT provider, you LOVE data. Good news, we do too!

Only the data we use refers to search engine optimization for REIT providers. So first, we review Google Analytics, and the Google Search Console reports to determine how your SEO for REIT providers pays off. Then, we share the data with you, make changes as needed, and continually update your content, giving you a top-notch REIT providers marketing strategy.

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Turn leads into customers and get started today. We’ve partnered with REIT providers around the globe with digital marketing campaigns, including SEO, content creation, lead generation, and beyond. Get results with the pros in your niche – we’re not a generic agency that works with everyone.

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Still Curious?

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive from REIT providers when they want to kickstart their SEO Marketing Plan.

A: Search engine optimization for REIT providers helps your company rank at the top of search engine results. As a result, you’ll increase brand awareness, get more leads, and potentially have higher conversion rates.

A: The answer is simple…contact SJ Digital Solutions! We are the experts in SEO for REIT providers. There’s no guessing involved. We have tried-and-true techniques that utilize REIT providers SEO best practices.

A: Hands down, the only way you will increase brand visibility, organic traffic, and conversions is to implement SEO for REIT providers today.