How to Increase Leads and Revenue through

Lead Generation for Real Estate

If you’ve landed here, you likely have the organic traffic you desire for your real estate website. Now you probably wonder, what do I do with this traffic?

It’s great that they’re on your website, but do they know what to do next? 

Not giving your audience a task or action could mean you don’t convert as much of your audience as you hoped. Unfortunately, your audience can’t read your mind, but they CAN follow directions, which is what lead generation for real estate is all about.

You’ve done the hard work and made Google your best friend. You rank on the first page of the search engines, so you’re getting much more traffic, but now your audience needs more hand-holding.

Yes, this means pop-ups, landing pages, and sales funnels, but they are strategically placed so your audience is grateful for them because it’s like an ‘aha moment’ for them. They think, ‘This is what I do next,’ rather than wondering what to do with the provided information.

Real estate lead generation strategies optimize all content and marketing strategies used to lead down the same path – telling your audience what to do next because what good is increased traffic if you can’t convert them?

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What Is Lead Generation for Real Estate?

Don’t let the term lead generation scare you. It sounds gimmicky or salesy, neither of which you want for your real estate marketing plan, right?

The good news is it’s neither.

A lead generation strategy for real estate attracts and CONVERTS interested people into customers. It’s not a hard sale, and it’s not pushy. Just like the entire process of content marketing and SEO marketing, it’s a soft sell that gets you those small ‘yeses’ you’ve been waiting to hear.

Lead generation for real estate is the back half of your marketing strategy. Consider it AFTER you’ve created a content marketing and SEO strategy.

real estate lead generation
lead generation strategies for real estate


It’s all in the numbers.

Why have real estate lead generation strategies when you don’t have the audience yet? It’s like putting the cart before the horse. 

It doesn’t work.

After all, there are 106,548 real estate brokerage firms in the country. What makes you stand out from the competition? That’s what you must consider and lead generation strategies are crucial.

At SJ Digital Solutions, we’re honest with our clients. We aren’t here to sell you services that won’t deliver. Instead, we provide monthly analytics to show you how your business performs. 

We don’t hide anything, so that’s why we’re upfront with you that content marketing and SEO strategies come first, then comes lead generation for real estate.

Think of it as a way to ‘seal the deal.’ You continue funneling your audience where you want them until they become paid clients.

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Why Consider Lead Generation
for Real Estate?

So why consider lead generation for real estate?

The answer is simple — to increase sales.

A real estate professional’s job is never done. So even when you’ve increased your client base, you must keep it going. Since real estate is a cycle, you won’t have clients forever. They’ll accomplish their goals and move on, leaving you with a smaller pipeline if you aren’t continually growing your customer base.

Here are a few more reasons why lead generation should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

Leads Bring More Sales

Leads increase sales, right?

You can’t make a sale without a lead. Sure, you may have some word-of-mouth leads or have open houses where you get in more people’s faces, but what about increasing your traffic and leads by the thousands?

You can’t do that in person. We all have the same available hours in our day.

When you implement a lead strategy online, integrating it with your SEO for real estate strategy, you naturally increase sales. 

You can Build Brand Awareness

A lead generation for real estate strategy helps you build brand awareness. Since real estate is highly valued, most people want to work with a brand they know and trust. With the right lead-building strategies, you can become one of those brands. 

Lead Generation can be Automated with Today’s Technology

When you trust your lead generation for real estate to SJ Digital Solutions, everything is automated for you. 

This means no more burning the candle at both ends, wondering what and when you should post new content or provide your leads with more actions.

We know the ins and outs of lead generation, including the best time and strategies to convert your visitors into customers. 

The best part is we have exclusive rights with ConvertBox™ that ensure your warm leads have what they need to become clients.

Lead Generation Allows You to Build Stronger Relationships

The right marketing strategy will lead your audience down a path allowing them to build relationships with you.

You aren’t capturing their email and saying, ‘Now become my client.’ 

Instead, you build a relationship that allows them to get to know and trust you so they naturally become clients, with no pushing necessary. 

Lead Generation Strategies
for Real Estate

When implementing lead generation on real estate websites, the following real estate lead generation strategies are necessary:

  • Strategic plan for all visitors to your website to move them to the next step
  • Targeted keyword research for real estate 
  • Optimized on-page SEO for real estate 
  • Build relationships with your marketing techniques to convert into clients
  • Monitor and analyze your results

What Are the Benefits of Lead Generation in Real Estate?

Implements a Pop-up Strategy that Works

What’s your first reaction when you see a pop-up?

If you’re like us, it’s like, ‘ugh,’ get out of my way. I’m trying to do something.

But what if you had an optimized pop-up strategy that made your audience think, ‘Yes, this is what I want right now,’ and they enter their information for you to capture?

That’s what a lead generation plan for real estate includes, a pop-up strategy that’s adequately timed and ready to take action.

Captures Warm Leads and Guides Them

Warm leads are useless if you don’t tell them where to go. If they’ve already expressed an interest in your real estate services, you will quickly lose them if you don’t give them a task.

That’s what lead generation does. It takes those warm leads and says, ‘Here, now do this.’ That task might include providing their name and email address to add them to your email marketing list or prompting them to take a quiz.

Either way, you capture their information and know how to work with them moving forward, guiding them through the sales funnel. 

Grows your Email List

Email marketing conversion rates are high, so you want to grow your email list. It’s a way to stay in contact with your audience even when they don’t need your services.

When you stay at the top of their mind, you’re more likely to convert them into customers, whether next week or next year. 

With email marketing, you can provide value-added services that make them think of you as an expert.

Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Chances are your audience visits other real estate websites too. Lead generation for real estate is essential to capture your audience’s attention and make them focus on you. Showing them the next important step will ensure you get the leg up on your competition, leaving them in your dust while you make the sale.

Directs your Audience to Take Action

You could have the most well-written blog posts or attractive social media pages, but they won’t tell your audience what to do. 

Sure, you might have a call-to-action occasionally, but you can’t overdo it, or you’ll push your audience away.

That’s where a lead generation for real estate strategy helps. After analyzing the analytics and knowing exactly when to throw in a pop-up or ask your audience to answer a quiz, you’ll send your leads the way you want them when they are ready.

Quick Lead Generation Tips for Real Estate

Start with an Audit

Don’t create a marketing strategy before doing an audit. Why reinvent the wheel? 

You might be doing something right but won’t know it until you run the analytics. Use the information provided to your advantage to determine what you’re doing right and wrong.

Fix what’s wrong, and keep improving what you’re doing right.

Increase Organic Traffic

Let’s face it, everyone wants organic traffic versus paid traffic. Yes, there is a time and place for paid marketing strategies, but sometimes you want that organic traffic or the people who find value in what you offer and want to follow you.

Your organic traffic is much more likely to follow you through the sales funnel if you provide value-added content and give them reasons to follow you.

Create Offers that your Audience Wants

Create offers that mean something to your audience. Don’t just throw any old offer out there and expect your audience to do cartwheels over it.

Instead, do your research, see what works and what doesn’t, and create the right offers. This could take some trial and error, especially when you begin and learn what your audience likes. 

But if you use an agency like SJ Digital Solutions that knows the ins and outs of lead generation for real estate, you’ll have offers you KNOW your audience wants.

With email marketing, you can provide value-added services that make them think of you as an expert.

Review Analytics

The numbers say it all. Review your analytics at least monthly to see how your efforts worked.

Don’t get frustrated if they aren’t what you expected. Instead, return to the drawing board and try again after learning as much as possible about your audience.

Additional Services We Offer for Real Estate SEO

Our Framework for Real Estate
Lead Generation


SJ Digital Solutions is the expert in lead generation for real estate. We help you maximize the results you receive from your higher organic reach. We create lead generation strategies for real estate that make your audience feel educated, empowered, and encouraged.

Our expert staff works diligently to create the real estate lead generation strategy that works for YOUR company and no one else’s. We customize every plan we create to meet your company’s needs. 


At SJ Digital Solutions, we are experts in lead generation for real estate. We aren’t guessing or throwing darts while blindfolded. Instead, we have tried and true lead generation strategies for real estate that we implement AFTER increasing your organic traffic and measuring your keyword strategy’s success. We do this in order because that’s what delivers results.


When you work with SJ Digital Solutions, we handle everything from start to finish. You don’t have to worry about increasing your workload or adding another staff member. We execute every step, including measuring the results and making any necessary changes to get the results you desire.


It’s all in the numbers. If you don’t measure the results of your efforts, you’ll waste time and money. But rest assured, we LOVE analytics and share the results with you, helping you understand the data and letting you know how your strategies performed and what you could do better (if anything).

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Still Curious?

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients in the real estate industry when they want to kickstart their lead generation for real estate.

A: When considering a company for real estate lead generation, you want one that understands the ins and outs of the real estate industry. For example, real estate lead generation differs from lead generation for healthcare or retail. 

Your audience has different needs and is approachable during different times than clients in other industries.

A: Lead generation promotes you as a leader in the industry. With hundreds or thousands of other real estate professionals in your area, you must stand out. Lead generation allows you the opportunity to be that leader by providing value-added services that your audience appreciates.


A: We can’t give you an exact number for your ROI on lead generation for real estate; however, we can tell you that at SJ Digital Solutions, we track all the key metrics to ensure our efforts create the leads you desire. We always share the results with you and help you understand how your investment pays off.